Mia’s Week 34 Ultrasound

Three weeks ago, we had an ultrasound.  Wow, I totally forgot to post about this since we were moving at the time and we didn’t have our internet hooked up yet.  It just dawned on me that I hadn’t shared our latest baby photo with the world.  Feast your eyes on this little prize! We got a few more photos that I’m pretty sure have been left behind at my Mom’s house.  This isn’t the best quality photo, being that {Read More}

24 Weeks Pregnant {Corn}

After a very scary incident this week, I can thankfully say that my little corn on the cob and I have made it through 24 weeks! (on 12/30/11) (Average Measurements: 12.5 inches, 1.25 pounds) My nose has yet to unstuff itself.  Put another box of tissues on the grocery list. I woke up 4 mornings this week with a bloody nose, after my usual A.M. nose blowing. I felt baby Mia moving ALL of Christmas Eve…the most I’ve felt her {Read More}

The Christmas Baby Scare of 2011!

Our Christmas morning started out as expected and planned…almost.  We were excited that this holiday had finally come, and for what the rest of the day had in store for us.  We had no idea just how eventful the day would turn out to be! I woke up with some slight cramping and discomfort on my right side, a few inches below my belly button where I imagine my uterus is still hanging out.  I wasn’t in pain so I just dismissed {Read More}

22 Weeks Pregnant {Spaghetti Squash}

Another week has passed for my “Spaghetti Squash” and me…22 and counting! (Average measurements: 11 inches, 15 ounces) Mommy and Daddy (still so new referring to ourselves as parents) went to our first Christmas party “with child”…and at the same time, our last Christmas party without a child. I attended another beautiful baby shower where 6 of us ladies were expecting!  I joked that if I hadn’t been pregnant, I probably would have gone home after the shower and cried myself to {Read More}

“You Sneaky Mom!”

Is it bad that I can’t wait to pull these pranks on my kids when they’re old enough??? Jimmy Kimmel challenged his audience to play a few tricks on their kids and video tape it.  These are great.  Oh my baby Mia in my belly, you’ve definitely got a “sneaky mom.”  Get ready! ;) Halloween prank:  I ate all of your candy. *The last clip is THE best* Christmas prank:  The terrible present *The last clip isn’t really appropriate for {Read More}

The Kick-back Baby

We had another appointment with the Doc with the fancy equipment, following up on something he saw in our baby at our last appointment.  As predicted, the “condition” cleared up and was nothing to worry about.  I wasn’t concerned, but Daddy needed the reassurance that everything was OK.  Sleep soundly now, my dear. Mia had another fabulous photo taken of her, and AGAIN, she’s sittin’ pretty with her hands behind her head. We’re calling her “the kick-back baby”.  She just {Read More}