Bump Update // 38 Weeks

I waddle around like a penguin and I look like a turtle on its back when trying to get out of bed. Yup, I’ve taken on animal-like qualities that are far from attractive. This belly is heavy but I’d better get used to it because I plan on giving baby-wearing a good try once this babe is out. I think you kind of have to when you have a toddler running around to tend to. But, at least I’ll get {Read More}


Mia: A face painter: painting smiles, one design at a time.  Mia was the perfect model for the face painter at her cousin’s 4th birthday party. There was a book of designs to choose from and Mia chose the peacock design. She loves those birds. Oh, the joy that is face paint. It’s one of those special treats that puts the purest and most genuine smile on children’s faces. At some point in time, it loses some of its appeal {Read More}


Mia: Hello, her name is Dr. Greenthumb (any Cyrpress Hill fans in the house?). This kid loves to garden! She most definitely takes after Daddy Dom in this department. I sure do like to enjoy the end result and smell/see all of the pretty flowers or gather the fresh fruit, veggies and herbs…but the planting process isn’t really my thing. I know Dominic is stoked to have Mia as his gardening side kick. She always gets excited when he brings {Read More}

Bump Update // 36 Weeks

This past week has been mostly work and less play for me. I’ve been really feeling pressed for time, to get everything around the house tweaked, uncluttered, assembled and prepped for baby’s arrival. If we’re talkin’ due date, then I’ve still got 4 weeks left to get everything done. But…everyone keeps telling me how they think this kid is coming early so the pressure is on! Yes, I move a lot slower and I can’t actually get a full day’s {Read More}

Bump Update // 35 Weeks

I’ve been a single mom for the past week. That is, my husband has been out of town on business. I feel like I’ve managed to maintain the household pretty well on my own while he was away. Mostly, I think the reason for this is because the responsibilities of child-rearing rests more so in my hands than his on a regular basis. I don’t say this to toot my own horn or to throw him under the bus, it’s {Read More}

Bump Update // 34 Weeks

What’s with the boho vibe this week? I think I’ve seen one too many maternity photo session ideas via Pinterest and jumped on the bandwagon myself. To be honest with you, I’d never wear this top out in public. I did just recently find it at Ross (super cheap) and thought it would read well in photographs because of its texture and the way it drapes over my belly. I’d really love to shoot a maternity session (haven’t done one {Read More}