A Gender Neutral Wish List for Baby #2

I’d like to start off by pointing out that this list is my personal “wish list” for items that I’d like and love to have for baby #2. This is not one of those “newborn essentials” or “necessities” lists. I have an almost 3 year old so I already own a lot of the crucial items a new parent would need with a newborn (car seat, crib, pack n play, monitor, swing, bouncer, swaddle blankets, etc.). A few of these {Read More}

Bump Update // 33 Weeks

As I type this, my belly is looking a lot like a rolling water bed. Such a bizarre sight and sensation that I could never get used to. It’s magical, miraculous, bizarre and quite creepy. Movement with this little one is still incredibly strong and often. So at 33 weeks along now, the baby is apparently the size of a pineapple. I’ve also read that it’s normal for me to feel a tingling or numbness in my wrists or hands. {Read More}

Bump Update // 32 Weeks

I had an ultrasound today. It’s actually been a long time since the last. I’m always amazed at how much the technician can identify from what looks like such a mess of lines and shapes. At this point in the pregnancy, it was pretty easy for me to pinpoint all of the baby ‘s parts (ahem, except for his/her private area…yup, still a mystery!). The baby is also head-down and in position for his/her big debut. Within the first few {Read More}

Our “Only Child” Days Are Numbered

Oh, how I’m going to miss this kid. Right now, she’s the only child. In about 8 weeks (give or take), that will no longer be. She will soon become a big sister. Mia, as an only child, is the kid I’ll miss once her little sibling joins our family. I’ll have to say goodbye to our mother/daughter only outings. She’ll have to forever share her dad’s and my attention with another. As the days draw nearer to when we’ll {Read More}

Bump Update // 31 Weeks

I’m 31 weeks pregnant which means the baby is about the size of a coconut. Mmmmm…Almond Joys, Pina Coladas, German Chocolate Cake, Macaroons, Coconut Cream Pie. Can you tell that I love coconut? What I wouldn’t do for any one of the above treats right now. The baby is measuring in at about 17 inches long and weighing around 3 1/3 pounds. He/she is close to birth height but still has some pounds to pack on which means a little {Read More}

Bump Update // 30 weeks

Look who finally decided to cooperate with Mama’s belly photos! I attempted this 2 days ago, but Mia was being a punk about it. I told her how that made me sad and hurt my feelings so today, she said she wanted to be a good listener and be in my photos with me. I’m in love with them. Thata girl, Big Sister. So, this little snuggle bug of mine that’s currently residing in my belly is 30 weeks along. {Read More}