28 weeks pregnant with an eggplant

I can’t say that much has changed with my progress since last week. I still feel a ton of baby action each day, which I love. I still feel really great, overall. My shortness of breath is minor and isn’t anything that I’d consider a problem. Now, indigestion! That’s a whole other issue and a big one at that. With Mia, I remember experiencing some pretty major indigestion and early on in my pregnancy. I had to leave work a {Read More}

First weekly pregnancy post at 27 weeks along

It had to happen at some point, right? I’m sorry, but I think most pregnant women aren’t so big (literally, yes) on jumping in front of cameras. It sounds like a fabulous idea, documenting each week of pregnancy, before you’re knocked up but once you’re smack dab in the middle of it…it’s like, eh, ugh, blah. However, having gone through a pregnancy already, I admit that I really do regret not sucking it up, getting over my extra pounds and {Read More}