Another Handmade Halloween

Happy Halloween, all! This holiday is one of my favorites and I’m so stoked that I get to re-live my fond childhood memories of it through my own two kids. I can’t decide which is more exciting, experiencing Halloween as a kid or watching your own children experience it year after year. If you know me or have been following this here blog, then you know that I love to create. This season, my most popular posts (thanks to Pinterest) {Read More}

Halloween from the pond!

I think we may be the first family ever to use this theme as their Halloween inspiration for costumes this year. Well, I can at least say that I didn’t come across any others (or anything remotely close) while searching for ideas via Pinterest and Google. So, I’m going out on a limb and announcing ourselves as the first…so there. This idea may be original out there in the world of family themes but it’s not all that original for {Read More}

A Mommy Share: My 2 year old loves Dot Art!

As the mother of a recently turned two year old, I’m on a constant lookout for age appropriate games, activities, arts and crafts that I think she’d be capable of doing. She’s completely interested in drawing, painting, coloring and all things artsy. The trouble is she’s not quite at the age where she can do a lot of it, at least not without a lot of parental supervision. Like, a lot. So naturally when I come across an art product {Read More}

Mia’s 2nd Birthday Party {Somewhere Over the Rainbow}

The top priority when throwing a birthday party is that the birthday kid has a blast, right? Following close behind is that the guests enjoy themselves, too. If I’m only rating this party on fun and good times alone, then this was a huge success! Mia, the birthday girl, was on cloud 9 all day and had nothing but fun with her friends (until bedtime when she tried to raise hell). But, because of my attention to detail, love for {Read More}

Rain is a good thing {and 17 activities to do on a rainy day}

As we make our way through April, I wish for those showers that bring May flowers. So far, no such luck. Here in southern California, we’re facing a serious dry season and we’re in some serious need of hydration. I admit that in my younger days, I’d selfishly wish away the rain so that I could bask in the sun or so that my weekend plans wouldn’t be ruined. How boring it was to be secluded indoors. And I can {Read More}

An Outdoorsman’s Birthday Cake

Daddy Dom turned 37!…um, yeah in the beginning of October 2013. I’m only a few months late on this one. No biggie, right? I was organizing photos when I came across these and realized the big fat goof I made on forgetting to post about this. Birthday plans were cancelled on account of some rain. Not much was planned, but the few plans I did come up with weren’t rain friendly. The husband is quite the outdoorsman (or used to {Read More}

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