Pleasant Pesto Pastries {Recipe}

Ever since I made Nutella filled crescent rolls covered in sugar-cinnamon goodness, I’ve never looked at crescent rolls the same boring way. There’s no limit to what kind of clever and delicious concoctions you can come up with using crescent rolls. My latest recipe is more savory than sweet. I’m such a huge pesto fan. I was pleasantly pleased with this pesto pastry. Take a look. Ingredients: One can of crescent rolls Container of pre-made pesto (or homemade) Grated Parmesan {Read More}

Creamy Spinach & Artichoke Dip {Recipe}

My parents’ annual 4th of July party was approaching and I needed an appetizer or dip to bring.  I love opportunities like this because it gives me a chance to make something new, and use the guests as my unsuspecting “guinea pigs” to test out the never-been-made dish :)  I’m pretty sure I’ve never let anyone down.  I found a few spinach & artichoke dip recipes online, and I combined a few of them, creating my very own recipe.  Sorry, {Read More}

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