Margo Blue // 12 Months

    *Dress + headband c/o Baby Beau & Belle* We made it! We’ve reached ONEderland and it feels so bittersweet. If you’ve been following along, you know how much we struggled with Margo as a newborn and we felt like we were in survival mode for her first 6-7 months of life. I used to want to hit a fast-forward button to a year later to skip all of the crap we were going through. Now I wish I {Read More}


  Technology: Ugh, I’m totally that old lady (but in a 33 year old body) who hates trying to figure out new technology and the latest gadgets. I’d rather avoid them altogether, to be honest. I have an iPhone (don’t even ask which one, cuz I don’t know!) and this post I came across was totally written for me. Before reading it I thought, “Guarantee I don’t know even half of the tricks in here.” I was right and now {Read More}

Margo Blue // 11 Months

Welcome, month 11! What a bittersweet month for a Mama. It’s the last month in which I’ll have a “baby” before Margo enters toddlerhood. But let’s be honest, I’ll be calling her “my baby” for life. Still, the thought saddens me that her sweet, pure, chubby little babyness is coming to an end. And at the same time, I’m excited and anxious over all of the wonderful milestones that are around the corner. The last month, in Margo land, has {Read More}


  Have you guys checked out Target’s new home collection for kids called Pillowfort? If you haven’t, do you live under a rock? Holy cuteness! They’ve really knocked it out of the park with this great collection. And most (maybe even all) of their pieces are affordable. Temptation is seriously knocking at my door to purchase more than any person should in one shot. But…I do have to admit some major disappointment that they didn’t create any curtains!!! I’ve been searching {Read More}

Mia says…

I’ve been meaning to begin a “Mia says…” series for probably around a year, now. Mia has a pretty extensive vocabulary, which is something people have always noticed about her right off the bat when interacting with her for awhile, now. She’s almost 4 years old (at the end of April) and over the last year, her vocabulary has not only grown but so has her ability to express humor, wit, curiosity, sass, reason and original ideas. This series is {Read More}

Margo Blue // 10 Months

I don’t know which is more mind blowing to me, the fact that Margo is 10 months old today or that I’m perfectly on time with this post. I’m taken aback by both at the moment, to be honest. There really aren’t many major milestones to report on this month. I did take a glance through Mia’s 10 month old post from three years ago and I just love that I have her updates to look back on to compare {Read More}

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