Hi there, it’s been awhile!

Well that was a long break from blogging. Unintentionally, might I add. That’s always the case with me when it comes to this space. Life just gets busy and the blog is the part of our lives that takes a back seat to everything else until things slow down. Not really sure what brought me here today, since things haven’t┬áreally slowed down at all! The kids aren’t even napping now, which is when I usually do my writing/posting. Mia is {Read More}

I hope you dance

It was a laid back evening for Mia and I at a local “Music in the Park” event. It was the last one of the summer and our first time attending. I was kicking myself in the butt for never going before, it’s such a great chance to get out of the house with the family and connect with the community, friends and enjoy some live music. And also an excuse to drink alcohol in public. That’s always a plus, {Read More}

Got a teething baby?

Join the club! Wait, aren’t clubs supposed to be desirable groups to join? Because we’ve got a teething baby, too, and this is one club that I’m ready to ditch. But unfortunately, all parents involuntarily become members of it at some point and can’t bow out until this phase runs its course. Fortunately, there are methods that us parents can take to help ease baby and our sanity during this unpleasant time. But before I get into those, how do {Read More}

Margo Blue // 5 Months: Smiliest baby on the block

Finally, I’m at a place where I want time to slow down. As you know (if you’ve been following the blog or my Instagram), Margo was a pill, a handful, a pain in the butt during her first few months and I wanted nothing more than to “fast forward” months down the road to where she’d be normal! Well I’m thrilled and relieved and thankful to say that we’re there. She’s such a treat! I literally kiss her, squeeze her {Read More}

Insert cricket chirps, here…and a few confessions

No joke, the sounds of crickets are what I’m currently hearing as I begin this post. They’ve also filled the ears of my readers as they visit my blog since things have been pretty quiet around here, lately. I don’t mean them to be. Keep reading and I’ll do my best to explain what’s with the hold-up. In my perfect blog world, I’d be producing at least three fun, unique, interesting, inspiring and maybe even entertaining posts each week. That’s {Read More}

Life Lessons To You, From Mom :: Part 2

This is my second installment of life lessons that I wish to bestow upon my two lovely girls, Mia and Margo, as they grow under my love and care. If you missed my first post of the series, “Life Lessons To You, From Mom :: Part 1”, it’s a must read to get the lowdown on my reasons for starting the series in the first place. And not to mention there are some seriously dreamy photos of the girls together. {Read More}

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