Mia Rose @ three and a third

Mia, my first born, is already getting less face time here on the blog since the birth of her sister, Margo. It’s been over four months since Margo was born and I feel like I hardly mention Mia anymore, on the blog and in my social media. The baby has taken center stage and Mia is like a back-up dancer. That makes me sad. We don’t mean to stick her in the background, though. I think it’s just a natural {Read More}

Sounder Sleep with a Zipadee-Zip! (Review and Giveaway)

I’ve got a question for all of the parents out there: What was the most common phrase out of other parents’ mouths when news spread that you were expecting your first child? I’m pretty confident that most of you were told, constantly, that you were never going to sleep AGAIN! “Better rest up now, because you’ll barely sleep once the baby arrives!” Am I right??? Sleep is also one of the first questions other people ask new parents about the {Read More}

Margo Blue // 4 months: So much for our groove!

Hey, 4 months! What the heck did I ever do to you?! Man, I was so stoked during our 3rd month over how we had found our groove. Naps were beautiful at 1.5 hours to 3 hours long for the first two naps of the day, and a swift 30 minute nap in the early evening. Night sleep was tolerable, sleeping a solid chunk ranging anywhere from 4-6 hours followed by a feeding, then a smaller chunk of 2-3 hours. {Read More}

You know you’re a mom when… (Wednesday)

Intro: In motherhood, there are some unexpected behaviors a mom experiences that she could have never prepared herself for. Probably because they’re pretty ridiculous, sometimes embarrassing and are most likely not her finest moments. But, one huge lesson learned in motherhood is that there will be times you’ll just have to laugh at yourself and at life, to keep your sanity in tact. Below are 5 actual, true story moments that I’ve had or continue to experience as a mom. Can you {Read More}

The start of raising sisters

Mia didn’t become a big sister the day Margo was born. She accepted her new role the day she found out we were having another baby. All through my pregnancy, she’d ask about the baby, talk and sing to the baby and referred to herself as a big sister. She’d tell Margo everyday how much she loved her, before Mia even met her. She’d also talk about all of the big sister things she’d do for her like take care {Read More}

Life Lessons To You, From Mom :: Part 1

As a recent mom of two girls, I’ve been feeling the weight of being a parent and responsible for the healthy upbringing of two beautiful little humans. I can’t help but to wonder: What will they be like when they’re older? What will their interests be? How will their personalities unfold? Will I do enough, say enough, show enough and be enough to allow them to be everything that they have the potential to be? Will my guidance, teachings and {Read More}