• Have you guys checked out Target’s new home collection for kids called Pillowfort? If you haven’t, do you live under a rock? Holy cuteness! They’ve really knocked it out of the park with this great collection. And most (maybe even all) of their pieces are affordable. Temptation is seriously knocking at my door to purchase more than any person should in one shot. But…I do have to admit some major disappointment that they didn’t create any curtains!!! I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect set of curtains for Mia’s room and I haven’t found just what I’m looking for. I ended up making them and they’re cute and will do for now, but what kind of home collection doesn’t include curtains? Get on it, Pillowfort! Here are some of my favorite items: 1) Cage Light  2) Wire Milk Crate  3)  Cactus Pillow 4) Pillow Cover  5) Rattan Basket  6)  Comforter Set 7)  Lampshade 8) Sheet Set  9) Wire Wall Decor 10) Chair This only scratches the surface of my wish list, guys.

Pillowfort Collage2

  • I came across this post on starting a meditation practice and I can’t help but to feel (even more so than I already did) like I should be meditating. I often find my mind racing, wandering, puzzling, stressing, worrying and even spacing out. What it needs is a good “time out”! But in a good way. I do think that meditating will be super beneficial and I’m looking forward to incorporating it into my life. I’d love to hear about any of your thoughts or personal experiences with meditation, feel free to comment below.


  • I heard briefly on the radio today that it’s National Day of Unplugging. It’s a 24 hour period – running from sundown to sundown – and starts on the first Friday in March (today). I totally vibe with this idea and think it’s a challenge (yes, it’s a challenge for some people and I’m one of them) that is worth accepting. So, starting at sundown tonight, I’ll be setting my phone in remote location and won’t return to it until sundown tomorrow (maybe even later). I wish I wasn’t so attached to social media but it’s easy to get there when you’re home with 2 littles all dang day and need some kind of grown-up interaction. But I guess I could pull out one of the many books I’ve only half-read, paint or draw some art, sew something or toss the ball around to the dogs out back (and clean the yard while I’m out there). Anyone else willing to unplug for 24 hours, too??


  • Wednesday night, I enrolled Mia in a ballet/tap class which was the night before classes began. Being that this is her very first dance class, we didn’t own a single dance garment or shoe. Which means I was on a mission yesterday to find ballet slippers, tap shoes, tights and a leotard. The stars were all aligned because I found both pairs of shoes at Payless down the street and the garments from Target. The classes are held at a recreation center that is literally a few blocks down the street from us so this is super convenient and so mellow and casual. There is no experience needed and it’s only for the month of March. I think this is such a great (and cheap) way to expose Mia to dance and to an organized and instructional class for the first time. Watching her try to follow the instructor beside a bunch of other 3-5 year olds who were fumbling about was pretty dang cute and I was beaming with pride. She did really well! She wasn’t at all shy, attempted to position herself right in front and did her best to focus. I can definitely see this as the start of childhood “dance career” for Mia. I’ve never taken a single dance class (which is something I wish I was enrolled in) so yay for living vicariously through your kids. Say hello to the newest “Dance Mom.” :)

danceImage via Instagram

  • Online classes from one of my favorite blogs, A Beautiful Mess, are 30% off today. I’ve had my eye on their combo class offer “Photoshop for Bloggers & DSLR Basics Bundle” for at least a year. I think it’s time to make the splurge (at only $87.50 for both) while this deal lasts. I can easily justify this purchase as an early birthday gift to myself. I’m turning 33 years young in just 3 more days, so Haaaaaaaappy Birthday to ME! And maybe I’ll even dig into some yummy cake while I take the course :)

Have a fantastic weekend, ya’ll! I’ll be busy pricing the last of my baby/kid items for a consignment sale I’m consigning in next week. I mean, I have boxes and boxes full and if all sells….I’ll be taking home $500+ so I’d say the work is worth it for me this year.

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