1. Technology: Ugh, I’m totally that old lady (but in a 33 year old body) who hates trying to figure out new technology and the latest gadgets. I’d rather avoid them altogether, to be honest. I have an iPhone (don’t even ask which one, cuz I don’t know!) and this post I came across was totally written for me. Before reading it I thought, “Guarantee I don’t know even half of the tricks in here.” I was right and now my mind is blown. So if you’re like me and only know the basic functions (and by basic I mean minimal) of your iPhone, check out “15 Tricks Every iPhone User Should Know How To Do.”
  2. This post from a mama blogger that I follow (she has the cutest girls!) served as a little “pick me up” for my worried Mama soul. I know that I shouldn’t feel guilty for taking time out of my day for me and only me. I know that my girls are just fine, having time in their day to play independently with each other (or separately). I know that this is beneficial, even. They’re learning on their own which is powerful and important. But, I still do feel guilt, always wondering if I’m giving enough of myself to them. Sometimes I get some of that pressure from my own people. I’m always feeling like I’m being pulled in so many different directions and that I can’t be everything to everyone at every minute of the day. It’s just so nice to find support from other moms who get it and who encourage the rest of us to just do our best because our best is enough.
  3. Confession: I’m a pretty good speller, but to this day, I still can’t remember how to spell “vacuum”! Are there two “C”s or two “U”s? Such a weird freaking word. And because my mom speaks with an accent (she’s from Mexico), I grew up pronouncing it “v-AH-kyoom” rather than the short vowel “a” as in “apple” sound.
  4. I joined Society6 in hopes of selling some of my artwork! It’s not a big deal, anyone can add their art for sale there. Not like I’m special…yet :) I do plan to add my art as prints for sale in my Etsy shop, but I’ve yet to find a the right printer and type of paper combo that I’d like to use to produce my work with. In the meantime, I think this may be a good option for some exposure and who knows, maybe I’ll make some sales. I don’t have to do any of the work. I won’t make as much profit with Society6 than I would on my own, but it will do until I’ve figured out how to move forward with printing them myself. You can check out my profile here. I’ve only got a few simple art pieces up that I created as “guinea pigs” to order prints from different companies with. A goal for this year is to get back into drawing and painting again and creating some artwork that I’m really proud of. Gotta start somewhere!
  5. Consigning. Have you ever consigned your kids outgrown clothing? I just did for my second time at LA Kids Consignment Sale, a pretty stinkin’ huge sale that is put on a few times a year (spring & winter) in a few different locations. They take 500+ consignors and sell all of their stuff in a huge abandoned department store. I look forward to shopping at this thing every year and it’s honestly where I buy 90% of my kids’ clothes and shoes (at an average of $3-$5 for shoes and I won’t spend more than $5 on a clothing item). I’m not at all above hand-me-downs and the quality I’ve seen here is next to new! The staff/volunteers check every single piece of clothing that comes through for any stains or rips and won’t accept dingy stuff. They check the toys, books, equipment….EVERYTHING…before it’s allowed to be sold. And there are actually a lot of items that are brand new with tags still attached that have been discounted by 50%! You’d never know that my kids’ clothes were used. And c’mon, kids clothing (especially the crawlers) get stained and roughed up in a matter of minutes/hours anyways and I’m not spending full price on anything that’s not going to last longer than a week. Anyways, I’m so glad I decided to consign this year. It’s a lot of work to input all of the items into their online system and tag each item with your printed price/bar code and then to lug it all out there and check them in. But, I made $360 this year (I took home 70% of my earnings, they keep 30%) and I used it to buy new clothes, swimsuits, shoes, a bike helmet, a new piggy bank for Margo, some new artsy kits for Mia’s birthday, a butt load of books (have you seen Mia’s “library”?), plate/cup/silverware sets, and more. I’m already signed up to consign again at their next sale in April, and this time, I’m not shopping. If you live in southern California, put yourself on their email list to be notified of when consignor registration opens or to be notified of their sale dates so you can shop til you drop. I highly recommend NOT bringing your kids and taking a stroller (if you still have one) to help carry all of your loot :)

margo clothes Collage

*Above: Some of the clothes I purchased for Margo, which came out to around $35 for these 9*

mia clothes Collage

*Above: Some of the clothes I purchased for Mia, which came out to a little under $30 for these 9.


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