Hey Friday, you sassy thang! Here are this week’s FIVE finds:

  1. DIY: I stumbled onto this YouTube video (and then watched the rest of the channel’s videos on sewing tutorials until 1 am…don’t judge) on how to sew your own pair of leggings. I easily followed the tutorial the next day and made two pairs of leggings for my 9 month old in about 40 minutes, from two of my old shirts. #makersgonnamake
  2. SHARE: One of my Valentine art projects for kids has been shared in a few Valentine idea roundups on other websites here (at #18) and here (at #10). Thanks for the love! I’ve been seeing a big fat increase in views over the last few weeks.
  3. DOG: I found this recipe for homemade dog treats and my dogs couldn’t be happier about it. They seriously LOVE them, and I love how easy they were to make and how healthy the ingredients are. Technically, I can eat them (and I actually did try a tiny bite of one….but I’ll save them for the dogs).
  4. STYLE: I’m loving, majorly crushing, over Emily & Meritt’s newest collection for Pottery Barn Kids. Ugh, why does that place have to be so expensive!? I actually bought a whole bedding set from this designer about a year ago and I still feel guilt from making the splurge. But it’s oh. so. pretty!
  5. BEAUTY: I just ordered a refill for the makeup that I love and wear daily. It was all 40% off a few days ago and I took full advantage of that. But now, I’m seeing that they have created new colors, expanding the amount of options available for different skin tones…and I’m wishing I would have known this before my purchase because I would have waited to pay full price for colors that I think may better suit my complexion. Oh well…next time! By the way, I follow Cara’s blog and this gal is a full blown, magical makeup genius! Those before and afters are crazy impressive.

Enjoy your weekend, kids!

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