6 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas + 3 bonus ideas

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As many of you know, I’m a crafty gal. For the past 5 years, Daddy Dom and I have made our Halloween costumes. Here’s a little flashback for ya…


I was a fish and Dominic was a fisherman. I bought a super cheap, black dress and spray painted silver onto it, in the shape of a fish’s body. I hand drew the scales and glued some pieces of shiny sequins. I found a green “seaweed” boa and painted scales on my forehead with face paint. I also turned a silver pipe cleaner, or chenille stick, into a hook and bobby pinned it to the side of my head. I did all of this work, the DAY of Halloween.

Dominic already had all the fishing gear he needed since he truly is a fisherman. I guess that means I’m his catch of a lifetime. Bam.


My brother is on the right and he also made his costume. He’s Max from the book, Where the Wild Things Are. My mom helped him sew parts of it together. All he used was a grey sweatshirt, sweatpants, some black pipe cleaners and I think he used a black boa for his tail. Oh, and for the “wand” he spray painted a mini soccer ball gold, attached it to a stick/pole and used some black construction paper to make sort of a striped dome around it.



Dominic was a scarecrow and I was his crow. A sexy crow. It’s not too hard finding all things black. I made the eye piece with glitter, jewels and feathers. I also found some black feathered wings to wear. Dominic’s costume was super easy. I found both his plaid shirt and corduroy overalls at a thrift store and the hay/straw came from a craft store. You can almost see Roxi dog’s bumble bee costume in the background :)



The flower and the bee. I was about 3 months pregnant so this particular bee pollinated this particular flower.These costumes took forever to make! They were by far our most tedious costumes so far. I used an old Peter Pan costume for the green “dress”. I reused the “seaweed” boa from my fish costume a few years back to add to my leafage. I cut out petals from felt and glued them together with pipe cleaners inside to make them stiff and bendable. A yellow boa framed my face and I added yellow dots with face paint all over my forehead for the pollen. Dominic’s was made from yellow felt and black furry fabric. He cut out strips and glued/sewed them onto a black hoodie. He stuffed his hoodie with fluff to make himself look round. The eyes were made from kitchen strainers and I believe he wore black leggings underneath it all. My mom helped us, big time, with a lot of the work. Thanks, mom. LOVE this costume :)



This year was a little different. We created our own costumes again, but we didn’t spend nearly as much time and effort as the previous years.


We were Day of the Dead (El Dia de los Muertos) sugar skulls. I bought some professional quality face paints from Cinema Secrets in Burbank (THE go-to store for most of your costume and Halloween needs) and painted my husband’s and my face.


I reserved my better crafting skills for my 6 month old daughter’s first Halloween costume. I spent days working on it (mainly because I’m a working mom with a bit of an attention loving baby) and even got Grandma to pitch in on some final details.


Owl Beanie, c/o: Cute.tuques

 I encourage you to make this owl costume for your little one. Here’s the DIY tutorial on how to make an owl costume for baby :)


Owl Beanie, c/o: Cute.tuques

I made this owl costume, based around the owl beanie that I received for a review from the very talented Whitney from Cute.tuques. I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out. I love that her entire costume was hand made.










We headed over to Montrose for some Halloween festivities. The street of Honolulu shuts down to traffic and all of the businesses open their doors to trick-or-treaters. It’s lots of safe, family fun. We didn’t ask for any candy, we just wanted to go for the experience, to hang out with some other friend families and to show off Mia’s beautiful feathers.


Uncle Chris made it out for some hootin’ Halloween fun.


And Grandma joined in on the fun for a bit, too. Thanks, family, for being a part of Mia’s first Halloween.



Little Red Riding Hood, the big BAD wolf and poor old grandma. This year, I made only one costume and hit up the thrift store for the rest.


Dominic’s wolf costume was made using a brown hooded sweatshirt found at a thrift store and fur looking fabric from the fabric store. I used the fabric for the ears which are basically 2 triangles glued together with pipe cleaners inside to make them stand up and bendable. I sewed them to the hood. I also glued felt eyes, and teeth to the hood and stuck black pipe cleaners through a hole for the whiskers. For the body, I used the fur fabric and cut out the shape of a tank top and sewed a few places to attach it to the outside of the sweatshirt. I believe Dominic wore brown corduroy pants to complete the costume.

h Collage1My granny costume was the easiest! I bought a large pajama gown at a thrift store and wore my crocheted UGG boots. I threw my hair up in some foam curlers and used silver hair spray to add about 30 or 40 years onto my age. I also painted on some fine lines on my forehead and on my crow’s feet lines with face paint to look like wrinkles.

Mia’s little Red Riding Hood costume was also found at a thrift store. We already had a pair of red glitter Vans which matched perfectly with her look.

2014 (3 more bonus costumes)

Halloween from the pond! I’m pretty sure that we’re the first family ever to use this theme for a family costume idea. Dominic is owner of his pond company, so it was an obvious theme for us. He was the pond maintenance guy, I was a koi fish and Mia was a lily and lily pad. For all of the details on how I made our costumes and on our night out, check out my post: Halloween from the pond!

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  1. Jesus- you are crafty! I am so jealous! By chance you would t want to stop by my condo in noho to do the face paint ( day of the dead) on me? It’s last minute- I know!! I work for Southwest Airlines at the BURBANK airport and I’m desperate!
    I work at 2. : (

    • Aw, Valerie! I’m sorry, dear…no can do. If you were closer and could have come to me, honestly I would have!!! I’m just reading your comment about a half hour before you start work…I hope you found a solution :) The face paint isn’t too hard to do and I actually bought my paints in Burbank at Cinema Secrets. It’s a little too late for you to pick some up now. Good luck and thanks for the comment :)

  2. I searched your blog for the DIY, on the wings. Did you ever post that? Thanks I want to duplicate your wings idea for my sons owl costume this year.

  3. Are you kidding me with Mia’s costume!!! ADORABLE!!! You are very talented, glad the beanie worked out for the costume as well!

  4. Looks great Misty!! You always do a fantastic job!! We were in Montrose too!! It was packed but so much fun!!

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