Margo Blue // 11 Months

Welcome, month 11! What a bittersweet month for a Mama. It’s the last month in which I’ll have a “baby” before Margo enters toddlerhood. But let’s be honest, I’ll be calling her “my baby” for life. Still, the thought saddens me that her sweet, pure, chubby little babyness is coming to an end. And at the same time, I’m excited and anxious over all of the wonderful milestones that are around the corner.

The last month, in Margo land, has been pretty fantastic. I can’t describe the joy and peace that she brings to my life and fills my heart with. Like, literally guys. I’ve been going through some emotional challenges lately and this baby of mine is my guiding light. She just brings everything back to basics, always reminds me of my purpose, shows me how to be in the present moment, keeps me cracking smiles all day, helps me to appreciate the smallest of moments, and reinforces the fact that love is the greatest feeling and motivator in the whole world. Everyday, I’m thankful for her. Everyday, I tell her this.

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11 Months

  • Margo is still not walking on her own, without the help of holding onto something. She stands perfectly, unassisted. She even squats down and stands back up on her own, but still hasn’t made any great attempts at taking steps.
  • This baby is like a human garbage disposal. She eats everything and seems to have a bottomless pit for a stomach. If anyone in sight has food in their hands, she’s by their side within minutes and begging for a taste.

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  • She’s still the happiest and friendliest baby I know. She’s always smiling and she loves people. She waves her chubby little fingers and hands to strangers all dang day and the people love her!
  • Whenever she comes across a pillow on the floor, she takes a minute to lay down and rest on it before carrying on about her day. My mom tells me that I did the same thing when I was her age.

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  • She LOVES her big sister, Mia. Margo lights up at the sight of her, smiles and laughs at her, always wants to touch her, pull on her shirt, follow her into every room, play with any toy she has and even barges into her room in the mornings to wake her up because she just can’t stand to go another minute without her. I’m just glad Margo doesn’t understand yet, when Mia yells “Leave me alone!” “Stop following me, Margo!” “You’re not my sister anymore!” “I don’t like you anymore, Margo!” Oh, it would break her little heart. She just responds with a big, chunky cheek smile.
  • Margo still naps twice a day, wonderfully. She still hits the hay around 7-7:30pm each night and sleeps until morning (around 6:30am-7:15am). But now with the time change over the weekend, it’s finally worked in my favor since she (and her sister) are waking up at 8am or later!

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  • Shower time with Dad and Mia is by far her favorite time of the day. She speed-crawls to the bathroom when she hears the water running, squeals, excitedly kicks her feet as I try to wrestle her out of her clothes, she laughs and smiles and claps and it’s all just the cutest thing in the world.
  • Her spit-up issue is nearly non existent…finally!!!!!! Over the last month, she may have had spit-up that’s worth grumbling about around 5 times, total. That’s a life-changer, guys. I’m so grateful to have moved past that phase. Mostly.

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  • She’s wearing size 12 clothes and size 4 diapers.
  • She took her 2nd road trip to Utah (to visit my parents) and was perfect on the way there. Not so much on the way home. I don’t think I’ll be making the 6 hour drive with just me and the girls for a while. I’m hoping Dominic can schedule some time in May for another trip out so we can take advantage of some amazing hikes…and of course….Zion. Most of the pictures seen here are from our time in Utah.

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  • She still puts everything into her mouth. Not kidding. Any and every little piece of stick, leaf, dirt, rock, food (dog or human), paper, plastic, crumb that she comes across…she puts it right into her mouth. Sometimes, her and I will spot the same piece of whatever it is, on the floor, at the same time. As soon as she hears me tell her, “No, Margo, don’t go put that in your mouth,” she takes off in a mad crawling dash towards it so she can put it in her mouth before I can get there to stop her. She’s nuts!
  • She still hates having her clothes changed and fights me during most of it. Baby alligator. That’s what she is.
  • Margo loves giving kisses and hugs. She gives them on her own accord, and also when asked for them.

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  • She knows what a hair brush is and what it’s used for and tries to brush her own hair with it.
  • She’s currently working on her 8th tooth.
  • One of her favorite activities is playing with the pots and pans and opening and closing cupboard doors. Recently, I accidentally let her see me open some that she had yet to discover. The contents of those cupboards were immediately scattered around my kitchen floor. Another point for Margo.

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  • She tries to climb to the highest point she can. She’s now actually using a square basket (that’s turned upside down and used to hold the dog’s food bowl) by sliding it across the floor to a desired location and then climbs on top of it so she can reach something higher up, like the top of our dining room table, my wine bottles (yup, her and I are gonna be the best of friends in 20 years), the top of my desk and more places she’s not supposed to be or get into.
  • She can lower herself off of the couch, well. She picked up this skill very quickly.

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  • She’s still only saying “Mama” and “Dada” clearly but is “talking” a heck of a lot these days. She initiates little conversations with me and the family all of the time, it’s just too bad we don’t know what she’s saying. She really doesn’t seem to notice, though :)
  • We’re noticing a little more that she has some slight curling in her hair right behind her ears. Dominic had curly hair as a child (and I guess as an adult, but he keeps it short so you can’t tell) so we’re all hoping that she has some curl or wave in her hair as she grows.

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  • We’re also seeing a lot more resemblance to Dominic in her face. I can’t tell you how often I’m told that Mia looks exactly like me. No one sees Dad in Mia’s face and neither do I. I also get told, a lot, that Margo looks like me but Dom is getting some of these comments, too. I totally see his eyes in hers.
  • Margo is my little dancing queen. She hears music and she’s just got to move. She sits on her knees and bounces or she’ll be standing and will bend her knees up and down to the music. She understands the word “dance”, too.

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With only a month left until her first birthday, I’ll be busy planning and prepping for the party. We’re having a joint birthday party this year for both her and Mia (who is turning 4) since their birth dates are only 11 days apart. Mia was given the job of choosing the theme and she decided on “Under The Sea” “Pirates” “Cowboys/girls” “Frozen” “Puppy Party”. Yup, she changed her mind a bunch but I finally had to put my foot down on one so Puppy Party it is.

So there you have it. This last month has been full of growth and love. She’s been figuring out the world around her, little by little, day by day and it’s awesome to watch. We love you Margo Blue!

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