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  *Dress + headband c/o Baby Beau & Belle*

We made it! We’ve reached ONEderland and it feels so bittersweet. If you’ve been following along, you know how much we struggled with Margo as a newborn and we felt like we were in survival mode for her first 6-7 months of life. I used to want to hit a fast-forward button to a year later to skip all of the crap we were going through. Now I wish I could rewind us all, I miss her babyhood so so much.

Her last 5 months, however, have been pure joy. Boy, what a contrast we’ve experienced over the last year. I still look at her now, and wonder how in the heck we got so lucky with this amazing little being. I think I appreciate her more because of the crazy we faced. She is completely worth all of the stress, frustration and tears that were felt.


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This precious child of mine is as happy a baby as they come. She smiles at every person she meets, she’s social and vocal around other children and adults, she laughs and excites more than she grumps, she naps and sleeps like a dream (*thank you, thank you, thank you*), she’s a wonderful eater (doesn’t ever stop, really), she adores her big sister, she’s in love with her “Da-da”, she’s so affectionate with her “Ma-ma”, she’s fascinated with the outdoors and is truly in her element when the sunshine touches her skin and the fresh air flows through her hair.

She’s so smart! She problem solves and copies others. She tries to put her shoes on, she tries to brush her hair with her comb, she tries to brush her teeth. She pushes large objects around the house to use as a step-stool to reach high places and objects. With body language and grunts, she asked me to change her wet diaper a few days ago by taking a clean diaper out of a drawer, saying “Ah! Ah!” while reaching up to the top of the changing table. She grunts at me and points at the fruit on the counter when she wants a banana, apple or pear. When she puts something in her mouth that she’s not supposed to (which happens all of the time, still), I’ll rush to her saying “What’s in your mouth? Open!” and she opens up wide and spits it out for me to see (usually a teeny-tiny toy of Mia’s). She walks over to me with one of her hair clips in her hand and holds it out for me, grunts, and stands still so that I can clip her hair out of her eyes. While changing her clothes, she practically pulls her shirt over her head and off once I’ve freed one arm. I’ll name things and/or people in the room and ask her where they are. She doesn’t yet point to them, but she correctly looks in their direction and makes eye contact with it/him/her. She amazes me each day with all she’s learning and I love every bit of watching her grow.



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The only time she’s fussy or difficult is when she’s hungry and/or tired. I manage to avoid both of these moments, though, by always knowing when she needs to eat, nap and sleep. Being one step ahead and getting her fed and ready for bed on time and before the fussiness creeps in has really been a key part of my daily routine. She’s also pretty awful when she’s being changed (diaper and/or clothes). She pretty much hates it and doesn’t cooperate, leaving me looking like a fool in order to distract her by making ridiculous faces, noises and dances. Whatever it takes, right?

She’s finally walking!!! I’m so crazy excited for this milestone. Mia began walking at 10 months and Margo began at 11.5 months, just in time for her first birthday. Everyone warns you to prepare yourself when they start walking, you’ll never rest again. I think that may apply more to first time parents. It’s been nothing but helpful for us. So often, before she began walking, I wanted to put Margo down while at the park, the store or wherever but couldn’t because the floors were filthy, there was tons of sand, sticks, wood chips or rocks around and this kid puts literally everything in her mouth. I carried her a lot. Now that she’s walking well, I can set her down wherever we go. Sure, I’m following her around more but I already was with Mia so it’s not more work for me. I can finally let her free at the park with her sister and she’s paying more attention to climbing and walking and exploring rather than picking up every item on the ground and shoving it in her mouth. She can finally follow her sister around the house and backyard and keep up with her more than when she was crawling. She hates when anyone leaves her behind, so she’s more involved and included with all of the happenings. Plus, she’s got the cutest baby waddle when she walks that I hope to never ever forget.

**Side note: The following pictures are from a little cake smash session I put together last minute. She’s wearing her birthday party outfit and both pieces (which I LOVE) come from Etsy shops. See below this picture for links.**

MargoMia_Blog (9 of 20)*One shirt: Millys and Dillys // Dog leggings: Doubly Lovely*

She’s a dancer. If there’s music from a song, a commercial, my phone’s alarm, even Darth Vader’s theme music on Star Wars…she’s moving and grooving. The best is when she’s standing and she drops her little tushy so low she’s practically touching the ground. She loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV (and that’s pretty much it), and she has grown attached to a blue, plush puppy that her Uncle Chris gave to her for Christmas. She carries it around and sleeps with it at every sleep, just like Mia does with her “Mama Bunny.” There really isn’t a food she doesn’t like and she samples just about everything we eat at the table (all veggies, chicken, beef, rice, pasta, tuna and chicken salad sandwiches, eggs, bread, cheese, all fruit, oatmeal, PB&J sandwiches, avocado, and more). A few nicknames I have for her are: Margo-licious, Margs, Margo Blue-skeez, Margo Bubbaloo, Little Blue and Baby Blue.

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She snuggles and hugs her Mom and Dad often, which is something Mia didn’t really do much as a baby. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate these particular moments and how much my heart fills when she walks up to me and squeezes tight to my legs or when she rests her head on my shoulder, right under my neck and just holds me. Another big difference between Margo and her big sis is that she adores her Daddy. Mia was anti-Dad for a whole year and beyond. They sort of have a love/hate relationship now. But Margo has been the opposite. She says “Da-da” way more than she calls out for me. She can hear his truck pull up when he comes home from work and she shrieks with excitement and heads to the front door to wait for him. She allows him to do just as much for her as I do (like change her, put her to sleep, comfort her) and Mia always wanted just Mom. You can imagine how stoked he is over the love and affection he gets from her.

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This kid has a true zest and love for life and her family. She’s always a source of light, simplicity, love and peace for me. Her addition to our family has truly strengthened my Mama-game and has turned my love for being a mother into a passion for both of my girls. I’ve learned so much about myself as a person, woman and mother from her in this past year and we’ve still got a lifetime together ahead of us. I can’t even imagine how she’ll change me throughout each year, but I’m so eager to find out and feel so blessed to get to do life with her and her big sis.

Happy 1st Birthday, Margo Blue! You are loved by so many and you give that love (and then some) right back. Thank you for being. Thank you for being ours. xoxo


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