Margo Blue // 8 Months (SLEEP! Hallelujah!!!)

*Note: Still playing catch-up with these updates. Margo is actually 9 months old right now.*

This was the month that I had anticipated and desperately waited for. MARGO BEGAN SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!!!!!! I mean, do I even need to go on about the rest of her milestones and growth? Who freakin’ cares! I’m getting my sleep back! Nothing else matters, ya’ll. Even if, at 8 months, Margo began speaking in full sentences….BIG WHOOP! Wouldn’t even come close to topping ME getting MY sleep! Mama’s slowly being brought back to life with every extra minute and hour of sleep I’m getting through the night. It feels as good as it sounds, people. Total life changer right here. But, for the sake of documentation, I’ll carry on with the updates…


Month 8

  • Margo was away from her big sister for the first time. Mia went to visit my parents for a week in Utah. I thought that being left with one child at home would be such a break. Nope! Margo was more work because she was bored and missed the constant entertainment and distraction that her sis provides. She was a lot more needy and clingy, fussing when I’d leave the room and even while I was in it. Overall, she missed Mia. We all did. I realized just how much of a helpful big sister Mia really is and how much I rely on her everyday.
  • Margo gave us her first full night’s sleep without waking for a feeding (well, since she was a newborn). We had 11 uninterrupted, baby-free hours! And then, she did it again two more nights in a row.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 10.01.45 PM

  • Margo slept through the night about every other night this month. And, she no longer takes a middle-of-the-night feeding! This was a MUCH NEEDED break for me. I was happy as a clam every single morning that I realized I had just woken up for the first time since falling asleep the night before. Such a victory and a very celebrated milestone for us all!
  • Her bottom two front teeth are fully in and we suspect that one of the top front teeth are making their way in, too. Can’t see or feel them yet, but she’s been a little more cranky and her gums seem a little swollen and sensitive.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 10.01.19 PM

  • She had her first Thanksgiving, which to her, was any other day. For us, however, it was our first time hosting. It was a lot of work but successful I think. I’m so thankful for my two little turkeys.
  • I took the girls to the park for the first time together. It was Margo’s first time exploring the playground on her hands and knees. She cruised all over the place like she owned it. She did her best to keep up with Mia at every chance she got. I had to be on serious “mouth patrol”, since Margo still puts everything into her mouth. It’s not the germs that I worry about so much, it’s the chance of choking. Overall, Margo loved the park.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 10.01.01 PM

  • Can you believe that I hadn’t worn Margo in any kind of baby carrier until this month?! I used our brand new Ergo carrier for the first time in public, while out shopping for our Christmas tree. She gave me no problems and I felt like I had just discovered gold. Another huge game changer for us right here. Guess who’s going to be getting out of the house more often, now!
  • We put together our first mini family photo session up in some nearby mountains (which I already shared HERE, but they’re so darn sweet I’ll share them again). The goal was to capture some nice moments together for our holiday card. We used a tri-pod and a remote control for the ones with all 4 of us, and I’m so pleased with how they came out! You never know what you’re gonna get with those.

charleston fam2

charleston fam3

charleston fam4

charleston fam

  • We went to our first Christmas parade as a family, a first for all of us. It’s a local one, which I actually marched in when I was in the 7th and 8th grade. Yup, I was in the band! I played the flute (and I even went to band camp! Bahahahahaha!!!!!). Mia told us after the parade was over that she wants to play the drums after seeing some pretty cool performances from a few school’s marching bands. I wore Margo in the Ergo again, this time for about 3 hours. Damn this thing is brilliant. She was a joy and even took a nap in it.
  • Dare I say that Margo is fun to take grocery shopping. This once crazy child is actually a delight most places we go, now. Having Mia come along also helps. Mia sits in the basket of the cart and the two of them play and talk and laugh at each other the whole time. The faces Margo is making below pretty much sums up her expressions for this entire month. Just exploring her different facial muscles, I guess. It’s disgusting how much I love her.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 10.00.37 PM

  • Margo took her second trip to the LA Zoo. We rocked the Ergo carrier once again. Can you tell that I’m a very satisfied customer???
  • On more than one occasion, I’ve had to dig dog food from out of her mouth. We also have to hide the dog’s water bowl whenever Margo is in or near the kitchen.
  • She has officially outgrown the baby swing. The swing was one of our most treasured and useful purchases that was worth every penny spent on it. I’m sad to see it go, but this big baby tries flipping forward out of it. I’d say that’s a pretty clear sign that it’s time to move on.
  • We started feeding her more “table food” like avocado (which she loves!), small bites of plain pasta and banana bites.
  • She’s still wearing size 9 clothing and has moved up to size 4 diapers.

Month 8 is definitely one for the books. What a much happier home it’s been for us all and the love for Margo Blue has continued to grow (how this is possible, I don’t know).


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