1 day overdue…

Well, well, well….little Mia.  I can’t say that I’m surprised that you’re NOT out of my belly yet.  First of all, your Mommy is hardly ever on time for most things.  I figured you’d acquire that little flaw of mine.  Don’t worry, just like Mommy, you may be late but worth the wait.  Or we can get by using the phrase, “fashionably late.”  This is your big day, girl…you’ll make your debut when  you’re ready.  This is one instance where tardiness actually increases the suspense and excitement!  There’s no “overdue fee” for being late here, like there is for returning a book late to the library, or a movie late to the video store.  And even though Mommy is a teacher, I’m not going to deduct your grade for missing your due date.  That’s another problem that Mommy faced from time to time in school…and that one I won’t be letting you get away with in the future :)

So how have Mommy and Daddy been dealing with the suspense?  I, for one,  have been just fine with the fact that you’re keeping comfy and cozy in my belly.  I still have things to do around the house…cleaning, organizing and preparing.  Luckily, you haven’t been putting me through much discomfort (thank you!) which allows me to “nest” some more.  I’ve also been busy taking care of your dog, Roxi, and she still needs my undivided attention a little while longer.  Now Daddy, on the other hand, is not being patient.  He can’t wait to see you and tries to shake and press on and move around Mommy’s belly every chance he gets.  He squats down and puts his mouth right up to you and says, “Mia!  Mia!  Come on, baby!  Come out!  Daddy wants to see  you and hold  you.  Come on little girl!”  Even when we hug, he’ll sneak in a shake or 2 and tries to get me to bounce up and down a little.

The day before you were due (Saturday), we acquired a washer and dryer donation from a friend of your Grandma’s!  Finally, we can do our own laundry.  I dog-sat Roxi pretty much all day, looking like this on the sofa…

 and looking at this all day.  Loving our new curtains from IKEA :)  Still…need to be hemmed.

During the late afternoon, you started moving…a lot!  You were making waves in my tummy for a few hours, like non-stop just about!  Also, I noticed that when I stood up and walked around a little, I would feel these quick “zingers” down my left leg’s upper inner thigh!  I went to the Internet to find out what was going on and most sites said that your head is possibly pressing down on my cervix, hitting some nerve endings that were sending some tingles and sharp little pains down my leg.  Makes sense.  I thought that maybe you were trying to escape!  Nope, still in there nice and snug.  That evening, your Daddy and I had a dinner date at a food truck in North Hollywood for some yummy, slider-sized burgers and fries and then treated ourselves (more like, Daddy treated me and my devilish doughnut craving) to Krispy Kreme!  The giggles came out the whole time I gobbled mine down…I was on cloud 9.  These babies just melt in your mouth.

 And then, it was back to the sofa again for me :)

 On your due date (yesterday), Mommy and Daddy had a case of temporary insanity!  We hosted a last minute, mini get-together at our house, bbq’ing some chicken and carne asada for a handful of friends and their kids (4 little rugrats).  Don’t get me wrong, it was a gorgeous day and it was fun having people over and actually getting to interact with people rather than just the dogs (which is what my week has looked like).  It seemed like a splendid idea at the time we decided to do it (in the morning)…but man by evening, I was beat!  And, I still had to make a Target run with Grandma before you surprise us with your presence, Mia.  I shuffled my feet through the whole store while we shopped, and a full shopping cart later, the lights in Target were turning off and your Grandma and I were the last customers to leave.  I haven’t felt that exhausted in a while.  It was then that I thought…”what the heck were we thinking, hosting a BBQ on my due date!?”  Taking it easy from here on out.  See ya soon, baby doll!

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  1. I was re-living my pre-preggo days I guess..and man Roxi is going to make this whole ordeal a LOT more interesting. Great seeing you guys, too. So glad you were able to come by :)

  2. You were thinking "I have to convince someone to watch Roxi while we are at the hospital".. ;) I bet you were exhausted!!! Good seeing you guys yesterday and soooooo ready to meet Mia!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

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