10 weeks pregnant {Kumquat, Prune}

I became 10 weeks pregnant a few days ago on Friday (it’s Monday night, now). Things are starting to slowly crawl their way to semi-normal. I’m still nauseous each day, but that nob has been turned way down. I’m still not the biggest fan of food these days, eating has been a chore. I’m starting to have a wider range of tastes and cravings again, though. I’m also regaining my energy level, at a slower speed than I’d like but hey, it’s something to be thankful for.


Now for a special detail that I’ll share with you that maybe not all pregnant women feel comfortable doing…here it is…my nipples are in PAIN!!! No, not all the time, but today was the worst nipple pain I’ve ever felt in my 28 years of existence. I was at work and it was a cold morning (at least for me, I now get cold much easier than normal, I have to take a sweater into the grocery store) and as we women know, when it gets cold our girls perk up a bit. Well, mine not only perked up, but they felt like they had been lit on fire! I almost yelled that I was on fire while supervising my student’s snack-time at work. I had to go inside and I was in tears because of the pain and because I couldn’t do anything to make it stop. When I read about “breast tenderness” in the baby books, I had no idea this is what I should expect. I figured it was more of a sore feeling, which I’d take any day over this. UGH!


Oh yeah, and how can I forget this gem of a pregnant side effect…GAS! For me, mostly in the form of burping. I burp so often, I almost wish I had one of those hand-held counters that bouncers use at clubs to keep track of how many people they’ve let inside. I burp after every meal, give or take about 5 minutes between each set of burps.


I’m experiencing indigestion at its finest, which means simple, plain and bland foods are a favorite with my stomach lately.


Now the other gas…yuck, is all I have to say. How’s that for a little TMI for one day :)
My BabyBump phone app tells me that:
The baby is the size of a prune. “The tenth week marks the beginning of a critical period in your baby’s development when all the vital organs have formed and are beginning to function. Your baby is also growing tiny nails on the fingers and toes as well as tiny buds for teeth.

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