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Mia: A face painter: painting smiles, one design at a time.  Mia was the perfect model for the face painter at her cousin’s 4th birthday party. There was a book of designs to choose from and Mia chose the peacock design. She loves those birds. Oh, the joy that is face paint. It’s one of those special treats that puts the purest and most genuine smile on children’s faces. At some point in time, it loses some of its appeal as we age but having a toddler sure does remind you about the magic of childhood and simple pleasures.

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Baby: And…we go from a great quality image above to this bleh shot from my phone. That’s how things are getting around here. Starting to get lazy and less creative these days. I mean, I still have my moments but they’re fewer and farther between.

This is the spot in my backyard where you can find me a few times a day. Since the weather has been great, I’ve been taking Mia outside a lot more, which means a whole lot of doing nothing for me (except for taking selfies, which are becoming very challenging to fit myself in). AND…since we just added another canine member to our family a few days ago (insert the “you’re crazy!!!” comments, here), I’m outside even more to let her out for play and potty time. I’ll post all about the details of little “Raisin”, later. And what’s up with my facial expression? That’s the look of a mom that knows this baby is coming any day now (technically) but has no clue what’s about to hit her. Life’s gonna get cray cray over here. Ready or not, here he/she comes!!!

*The 52 Project: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015*

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  1. Pshhhhh if I wasn’t allergic to like everything I would want my face painted too!! I think that adults can enjoy a bit of face paint, they’re just embarrassed or something to do it. Regardless, I love her peacock face :) Can’t wait for festivals and zoo trips to get Lyla’s painted!!

    • Oh, no! bummer :( and yeah, i actually have my own set of face paints and now I’m thinking I should be randomly doodling on Mia’s face like once a week or something. just for fun. why not? :)

  2. oh my goodness, misty! mia’s portraits are just STUNNING. absolutely gorgeous captures. and you look fantastic. please, please, please send some of that nice weather this way? <3 i don't have any winter clothes for baby girl and spring is dragging it's damned feet over here. AHHHH!!!!

    • Thanks so much, Dena. I’m in love with this week’s Mia portrait, too. This weather is nuts, feels like spring has totally been skipped and summer is in full force. and funny, I feel like I have more winter maternity clothes so i’ve been stretching out all of my regular tees with my ginormous belly. shouldn’t be much longer now, though. and CONGRATS on your little Marina! She’s a doll :)

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