124 strong…and growing {21 months old}

Today, my Mia bug-a-boo, you turn 21 months young (Eek! the idea of you turning 21 YEARS old one day just crossed my mind *enter sinking stomach feeling here*). The last time I wrote a monthly update was 3 months ago at 18 months old. You’ve developed a lot since then and recalling every advancement you’ve made is an almost impossible task. Well, maybe it’s possible but way too time consuming so I’m not going to try. Instead, how about I just highlight…the highlights. And, how about I give you a taste of chocolate milk for the first time? Yup, that just happened…and  you gave it your seal of approval with an “Mmmmmmmm.”

window gaze

hide n seek

Speech: When it comes to learning new words, you’re 124 strong…and growing (ahem, title mention). I’m sure there are more words you’ve been saying, but 124 is how many I’ve jotted down so far. Daddy and I keep notes on the fridge where we list each new word we hear you say, to keep better track of them. I visit this list at least 1-2 times every day because that’s how quickly your vocabulary is growing. The pace has noticeably increased over this last month. In my last monthly update on you (which was at 18 months old, like I said earlier) I had counted 32 words that you were saying. That’s at least a 92 word increase in the last 3 months. Needless to say, Daddy and I have had to start watching what we say to avoid passing on any bad manners. The worst you’ve picked up from me (hardly that bad) is shouting and repeating “oh, shoot!” when something goes wrong.

mia's word list 1-57

Mia's word list 58-124

FOOD: Your feedings are becoming more of a challenge. You’re not as adventurous in trying new foods like you used to be. You have your favorites and you’re sticking to them. The easiest foods to feed you at any given time in a day are: strawberries, pancakes, pb&j sandwich, black olives, raisins, celery, cheese, yogurt and veggie chips. Of course, I feed you more than this but it takes extra work to get them into your mouth and swallowed. I have to mash up bananas, otherwise, you’ll only eat a few slices and will start to spit out the rest when you’re “done”. You used to eat a scrambled egg with ease, now I have to mash it up into soup (egg drop soup)..and the contents of the soup have to get mashed up, too…otherwise you spit that out, too. Depending on your  mood, you may eat tomatoes, avocado, sliced turkey, oatmeal, green beans, grapes, apples, applesauce and corn. Spitting out your food is quite common so solid foods (unmashed) are more tricky. I can’t wait until I can threaten you to eat what’s on your plate or “you can’t get dessert” or “you can’t go out and play” or “you’re going to bed without dinner”….I know, I’m so mean.


  • We’ve been hitting up a few parks lately, exposing you to new “toys” and other kids. You enjoy going down the slide but still hate the swings. You’re at a stage where you can climb up onto the play structure and explore the playground almost on your own. I am still about an arm or two distance away, just to be safe.
  • We’re not potty-training you yet, but it’s in your near future.
  • You still take one nap each day beginning between 12:30-1:30pm and they last anywhere between 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 hours. You go down right after eating lunch and never give Mommy any fuss about it.
  • You’ve been getting to bed around 10pm lately, but Mommy is slowly getting you into bed a bit earlier each night. We’ve started a bedtime routine of sitting on Mommy’s lap in our glider while I read about 8 books to you. You’re finally calm enough to read to, without wiggling or grabbing at the pages. When reading time is over, you turn to face me and wrap your arms around my neck while resting your head on my shoulder. I turn the lights off and slowly rock the chair while holding you so snug. It’s during this time that I tell you how much I love you, I go over all the things we did during the day, I tell you what’s in store for the next day and I sing a few songs to you. After about 5 minutes of this, I walk you to the crib and lay you down with your stuffed animals and blankies. Since this routine began about 2 weeks ago, you’ve gone to bed without a fuss. Bedtime used to be a disaster where you’d cry and scream for me to come back in just to hold or hug you. You’d grab my arm and pull it to your chest and cry “I got you” and would get so upset if I tried to free my hand. Now, bedtime is peaceful. Fingers crossed that it stays this way.
  • On average, you’ve been waking up at 9am each morning. Maybe twice a week you’ll wake up between 8-9am and maybe once a week you’ll wake up between 9-9:30 am (this morning you woke up at 10 am!!!) and I’d say less than once a month you’ll wake up before 8am. I KNOW…we’re very lucky. You do still wake up in the night but only a few times a week. Usually it’s just once or twice because you can’t find your pacifier. Which brings me to the next point…
  • You still suck on a pacifier during nap time and bedtime. This will change soon. I’m giving you 3 more months (until you’re 2!) to enjoy this habit of yours until we end it. It’s not going to be pretty, it’s not going to be fun, but it has to be done. We hope this will finally end your waking/crying in the middle of the night.
  • You love to read! I just mentioned our routine at bedtime, but throughout the day I’ve caught you sitting in your mini rocking chair, reading books…or sitting on your little faux sheepskin “reading rug”.
  • We’ve noticed a small increase of tantrums and fits lately. We’ve had to use “time out” a few times last week. You don’t listen when we tell you not to touch or do something. You yell when we take something away. You throw a full blown tantrum if these things happen when you’re tired and it’s near nap or bedtime. You’re definitely a feisty little firecracker, who’s stubborn like Daddy and emotional like Mommy. You like to do things your way and when it’s your idea. If you want Daddy’s boots on your feet, well damnit you’re going to get them on your feet one way or another and then shuffle across the whole house. If you want to hold 6 of your favorite stuffed animals, you’re going to figure out a way to shove them into your arms and if one falls onto the ground well then that’s the worst thing that could happen to you, ever. If Mommy picks out a hair bow for you, you tell me “NO WAY!” and proceed to pick one out yourself. If you want your socks off, you’ll sit with your feet up in the air, yelling, until someone figures out what you want. If you want Mommy to pick you up while I’m cooking, you’ll yell “up” while pulling my pants down or tugging at my shirt and if it takes me longer than 20 seconds to appease you, well then you’ve already thrown yourself on the floor and will lay there, fussing, until I pick you up. Goodness, this list makes you sound like a nightmare. I assure you, you’re quite lovely when you want to be (which is most of the time)…which brings me to the next list…
  • You give hugs and kisses to us and the dogs, you snuggle me on the couch, you smile and giggle and laugh at the silliest things and try to get Mommy and Daddy to do the same by “scaring” us or dancing and making silly faces.
  • You love to help Mommy clean, cook, load the washer and dryer and fold clothes.
  • You enjoy helping Daddy in the garden and spending time with him in the garage.
  • You especially love to put on your feet, just about any pair of shoes that belong to either Daddy or Mommy. You still love taking showers with Daddy.
  • You like to brush your teeth but aren’t crazy about giving the toothbrush back.
  • You’ve started quoting your favorite movie, Puss in Boots, even when it’s not on TV. Your favorite part is when the masked Kitty Soft Paws (who has yet to be identified in the beginning) is about to break into Jack and Jill’s motel room and steal the beans before Boots does. She points at Boots and motions her hands like she’s breaking a stick in half and makes a snap sound. Boots responds with “Me? YOU snap ME?!” This repeats one or two more times. You love to say, “Me? (*makes snap sound*)…Me?! (*again, makes snap sound*)
  • Bubble Guppies has remained your favorite show.
  • Other favorite movies are: Finding Nemo, Tangled, Rio and The Wizard of Oz
  • You love hiding behind curtains and shouting “Boo!” when you pop out from behind.
  • You love pretending to be asleep while lying on my bed, the couch or even the floor. You’ll “snore” and then shout “Boo!” to scare us. Then you push my head down so that I’ll pretend to sleep and snore so you can scare me awake with another “Boo!”
  • Your favorite song EVER is “Applause” by Lady Gaga. You ask to hear that song many times a day by grabbing my phone and saying “Gaga.” I used to humor you each time, but there is such a thing as too much Gaga, so I’ll tell you she’s sleeping so I don’t have to hear her again (though I do love her). When we’re in the car and that song randomly comes on the radio, you shout out “Gaga!” within the first 10 seconds of the song. Dang, you’re good.
  • You love watching videos of yourself on my phone (on Instagram) and will hand me my phone while saying “MiMi” (that’s what you call yourself) so that I’ll show them to you.

Huh. Well whataya know…I actually may have just covered every development since your 18 month update. See kid, anything’s possible :)

Mommy officially has 3 months left to get your 2nd birthday party in order. I’ve decided on the theme, well, you helped me come up with it. You really took a liking to The Wizard of Oz at first watch. You dance and even sing to it and request to watch it again all the time. This is why your birthday theme will be “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, with hints and touches of details from the movie, but it will mostly be a rainbow theme. We’re having it at a park, but a particular one hasn’t been decided yet. You and I are still scoping them all out before coming to a conclusion, and we’re having fun doing it.

I love you to infinity and beyond, little one. You never cease to amaze me. I just hope I do the same for you.

XOXO, Mama



  1. oh, those pictures at the top! she is so gorgeous. <3 what an awesome update. it's amazing how quickly she is learning & growing. i love these check-ins. it's going to be so special when you get to share them with her someday. xo

    • thanks Dena! always love your comments. our blogs are the only way to capture these moments forever before they fly right by. because that’s exactly what they’re doing. oh bittersweet.

  2. Ohhh I love the word list idea! What a smart little girl :) These posts are so wonderful.

    • Thanks, Tina. The only detail I wish I had included to our word list is the date when each new word was added! I appreciate your comment and kind words :)

  3. Why didn’t I think to do this for my daughter?? Argh! She’s 18 months now so I guess there’s no time like the present

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