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Mia: They just don’t stop growing up! It’s like each week, she’s ready for something more “big kid”ish. She’s been ready to wear a helmet while riding her “purple bike” for some time now, but I finally found a cheap one (in perfect condition) at a consignment sale last week. It fits her perfectly. Now, she won’t ride her bike without her new helmet. Heck, she even keeps the thing on during regular outside play that doesn’t involve the bike. She won’t wear hats but she’ll wear this thing. Go figure.

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Baby:  Boo, another yucky phone pic. We’re only at about 1/4 through the year and already I’m losing the ability to stay organized with and on top of this project. This lucky little one is getting so much love from his/her big sister. I love how much attention Mia gives the belly. It’s such a shock to her each day, just how big this thing is. And speaking of big, I don’t remember whether or not this belly is bigger than it was with Mia…BUT…I do know that I didn’t get any stretch marks with Mia and I’ve gone all pregnancy without gaining any this time around…until this last week! I’ve noticed a few on the underside of my belly, below my belly button. They’re very subtle, but I can see them. You better believe I slathered on another handful of lotion after discovering them. I’m hoping/praying that they’re not noticeable once I’m not stretched to my limits. Dang it, baby!


 *The 52 Project: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015*

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