14 Weeks Pregnant {Lemon}

Today, my Lemon and I are 14 weeks pregnant and I’ve read that I’m officially in my 2nd Trimester!

  • Nausea is definitely bearable and getting better…however it still MILDLY hits me at least once a day.
  • I think my appetite is almost back to normal.  I still have ZERO desire for chocolate (candies & bars), which used to be my ultimate weakness.  Peanut M&Ms were my favorite.
  • I still continue to burp way too many times after every meal.
  • IF I’ve gained any weight, I’ve probably only added 1 or 2 pounds.  I do NOT look pregnant, just a little bloated (if I’m wearing anything tight enough for you to notice…but, only loose shirts for me!).  I haven’t purchased or worn anything “maternity” yet.
  • I tried on some clothes that my co-worker loaned me (mentioned in Week 13) and I’m not ready for them yet.  They’re too big but I’m sure I’ll grow into them eventually.
  • I exercised for the 1st time this week!  I power-walked (mostly) and jogged a few times on my treadmill for 50 minutes, covering 3.15 miles.  This distance used to take me 28 minutes to run.  Yikes.  I’m looking forward to continuing this work out plan.  Both Momma and the Tater-Tot need it :)
  • I’m out from work today, SICK!  And I left early yesterday, too.  I’m coughing, I have a sore throat and yesterday my head was killing me!  I’m light-headed today so I’m resting.
  • I called my doctor today and found out that I can now take cough drops and cough medicine, since I’m in my 2nd trimester.  Woohoo!
Image from:  www.babycenter.com
Here’s what my BabyBump phone app says at 14 weeks pregnant:
This week your baby’s well-defined face can also make expressions like a squint or a frown.  Some babies may even start growing hair on the head or on the face, such as eyebrows.  If your baby is a girl her eggs will have already developed inside her ovaries.  If you’re having a boy, his prostate gland is developing.  By now, your waistline has expanded enough to fin into maternity clothes.  Your uterus is just above your pubic bone, which makes your belly pooch out a little, making the presence of your baby all the more real.  You’re officially starting your second trimester and you may notice your breasts feeling slightly less sensitive and your morning sickness continuing to diminish.

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