16 Weeks Pregnant {Apple, Avocado}

My little Apple has been growing now for 16 weeks!

  • My pre-preggo pants still fit me, but to loosen them a bit I’ve started using a rubber-band or a hair band to fasten the button to the button hole.
  • Just like my baby phone app said, my nose has been stuffy all week.
  • I’m feeling pretty great….no more nausea (or slight and quick sensation) and I’m more energetic.
  • My appetite is about 80% back to normal!  Food and I are starting to become friends, again.
  • Our next doctor’s appointment is on Tuesday and our fingers are crossed in hopes that we’ll find out the baby’s gender!  *Oh please oh please oh please oh please!!!!!!!!!
 Image from: www.Babycenter.com
Here’s what my phone’s BabyBump app says at 16 weeks pregnant:
This week your baby’s limbs are much more developed, legs and arms are longer and are becoming more controlled in movement.  Your baby’s skeletal system is developing more as calcium is deposited onto the bones.  Over the next couple of weeks your baby’s weight will double.  Well into your 2nd trimester, you’re probably feeling a lot better as most of the 1st trimester symptoms continue to go away.  You ‘ll probably begin to notice stretching or discomfort around your navel and surrounding abdominal area.  This is caused by the round ligaments when they stretch and thicken to support your growing uterus.  If you’re lucky, you may have felt your baby kick for the first time.  This is one of the most special moments in your pregnancy.  This experience is also called quickening, and you may begin to feel this fluttery sensation now or in the coming weeks.  Most women report noticing their baby move around weeks 16 to 22.

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