17 Weeks Pregnant {Onion}

My baby and I have completed 17 weeks together (last Friday…super late post, oops).

  • Our last doctor’s visit did NOT reveal to us the baby’s gender.  The doctor had a hunch, but said it was too early and that she didn’t want to give us a false prediction.  BOO!  Patience just isn’t my thing.
  • I’ve had a few more “episodes” with my “fiery nipples.”  I don’t know what it is, but it’s so painful!  It makes me worry that I’ll be extremely sensitive to nursing the baby.  Ouch + Yikes!
  • According to the doctor, everything is moving along accordingly which is always great news.
  • I’ve gained 4 lbs.  I still don’t look obviously pregnant.  There is a pudge that I can tell is slowly growing.
  • It’s been suggested to me that I start trying to lay on my left side when sleeping, as this helps to better circulate more oxygen to the baby.
  • Food and I are great friends again!  Such a relief.
Here’s what my phone’s BabyBump app says at 17 weeks pregnant:
This week your baby has mastered some simple reflexes such as swallowing, sucking and blinking.  Your baby may even have a bout of hiccups.  Fat is also forming underneath your baby’s skin and will continue to do so in the later months of your pregnancy.  This will help prepare your baby for the temperature change from inside your womb to the outside world.
In the 2nd trimester many women notice more significant growth in belly size.  And if you haven’t noticed round ligament pain before, you’re likely to feel it now as your uterus continues to increase in size and push your intestines upward.  You may have also noticed that you’ve started to shift your weight to help balance your belly.”

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