18 months old & a pumpkin patch

On Sunday (4 days ago), Mia turned 18 months old. It’s amazing how fast time seems to be passing us by. It’s amazing how much Mia has grown and has learned over her year and a half of existence. AMAZING. I feel incredibly blessed to have her in my life and so lucky to be her mother. Sometimes I still can’t believe that I have a kid and that I made something so beautiful. Her Daddy and I couldn’t be more proud of ourselves and of her.

We hadn’t planned on doing anything special on Sunday. It was a normal day at home, cleaning and dancing our day away when we got a last minute invite to Lombardi Ranch’s pumpkin patch in Santa Clarita, CA from our friend Carol. It was the last weekend to hit up their pumpkin patch so we decided to go, but had to wait until Mia napped before heading out. The little stinker slept longer than usual and by the time we arrived at the ranch we only had an hour to explore before closing. We didn’t get to ride the train or take the hay ride pulled by a horse or wander through their corn maze. We did, however, take some darling photos of Mia and successfully took a spontaneous family photo that I’m so in love with. Thank you, Carol, for capturing such a great photo. I’ll be blowing it up, framing it and displaying it in our home very soon.



lombardi Collage1

I’m still in shock over the fact that we have a photo of all 3 of us looking into the camera at the same time, let alone a super cute one together!



The gourds were definitely a fascination of theirs.


They also both shared a fascination of this engine. It was running and making a loud sound.


Mia and her gal pal, Maddy (Carol’s daughter). This 6 year old has great fashion sense. She picked out her own outfit that day.


Mia really wanted Auntie Carol to join her in sitting on the pumpkins.



Over the past few days, Mia’s vocabulary has been increasing. Everyone has been telling us that one day, she’ll just start talking, repeating and putting new sounds together and just won’t stop. I think that time has finally come.

I’ve noticed the biggest change in her increased attempt at talking on Saturday night after I yelled “DUDE!” as a result of her stepping on my leg in a painful way. She looks at me and says, “Doo!” Really? Of all the words we say each day, she chooses “dude” to repeat? Now she says it all the time.

She learned 2 more new words just yesterday. Uncle Chris was going to come over last night so all day I was telling her how she was going to see her uncle. During lunch, she said “uh-coe”. And while at Grandma’s house later that day, she reached up to the table that has Uncle Chris’s picture in a frame and was saying “uh-coe”, asking us to get it down for her so she could see him. YES! Not only does she know how to say it, but she’s made the connection that “uncle” is what we call the guy in the photo. The other word she’s been trying to say is “peach” since we were eating them at lunch. She pronounces it “peesh”. SO CUTE!

In my excitement over her new learned words, I made a list of all the words that she can say. I counted 32. There could be a few more that I’m forgetting about, but here they are: ball (“bah”), bird (“bir”), bee, baby, boot, moon (“moo”), bye, hi, uh-oh, oh-no, no, Dada, Mama, Uncle (“uh-coe”), poo poo, pee pee, dude (“doo”), up, boo!, juice (“joo”), agua (“awa”), apple (“a-poe”), egg (“eck”), peach (“peesh”), cheese, shoe, Elmo (“Eh-moe”), Nemo (“Meh-moe”), eyes, out, beep-beep, bump (“buh”).

She can also make the sounds of the following: chicken (“bah-bah-bah”), rooster (no clue how to spell out that sound), dog (“fuh! fuh!”), cat (high pitched “mee-mee”), horse, lion (“waaaah” in a scratchy rawr sound while holding up her hands like claws), train (“choo choo”), bee (“bissssss”).

She’s copying nearly everything we do, too. She takes the Swiffer and sweeps our dining room and kitchen floor. She pretends to wipe her mouth when she’s handed a napkin and steals tissues to wipe her nose. She copies Mommy in her play kitchen, shaking the pan side to side like she’s sauteeing something delicious. She loves to sit on my lap while I’m doing my make-up and will use my sponge applicator to dab her face and eyes and she’ll take my lip gloss and pretend to apply some to her lips. She brushes her own teeth, too, with her own toothbrush and tooth paste. She copies us by chatting (in Mia talk) on her toy phones. She claps her hands together when she sees a fly or moth fly by because Mommy and Daddy have a moth problem in our house and are always killing them by clapping our hands on them. She also claps when she hears others do it, even on TV. Grandma taught her a bad habit of wiping her dirty hands on my pants when she falls outside or gets into something dirty or wet.

A few other things she’s picked up lately: She likes to color with crayons and highlighters on paper. She loves opening all our kitchen drawers and doors to play with what’s inside (hand towels and pots/pans). She can feed herself with a fork. She helps Daddy feed the dogs by carrying their dog bowls filled with food to their individual eating spots (she knows who gets what). She throws trash away in the trash can. She loves “scaring” us by shouting “Boo!” or shrieking to make us jump. She’s now interested in stacking her blocks rather than tearing them down. She says “bump” when we drive home and hit the street with the speed bumps. She can identify and point to many items in books when I ask her “where is the dog?”, “where is the house?” and other items like flowers, tree, bird, car, plane, bee, bear, bunny, cat, dog, chicken, etc. She dances whenever she hears music. She can sign the words “eat”, “all done” and “more” which is super helpful in communicating her needs to us. She hates keeping hair bows or rubber bands in her hair. Her bunnies are her favorite stuffed animals. She lasts maybe 5 minutes in a stroller before trying to climb out while screaming. She refuses to sit still for a picture. Body parts she can identify on command: she can point to her nose, eyes, ears, hair, mouth, belly button and boobies! She can high-five and fist bump when you say “knuckles!”. She waves hi and bye (only when she wants to which is not too often). She will also hug and kiss on command, too (only if she likes ya). She still sleeps and naps with her pacifier, which is habit we plan to break soon.

Favorite foods: This kid LOVES black olives, she eats them like candy! She also likes bananas, apples, avocados, tomatoes, yogurt, oatmeal, eggs, macaroni & cheese, corn and creamed corn, green beans, peas, peaches, blueberries, pancakes, waffles, bacon, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, goldfish crackers, raisins, cheese, pizza crust, applesauce, popcorn, strawberries, tortillas, rice, cheerios, celery and pickles. She has been refusing to eat any form of meat (other than bacon) until 5 days ago when she, out of nowhere, decided to eat grilled chicken. She gobbled it up like she’s never tasted it before (which she has, and always spits it out!). She ate about a half a chicken breast! 2 days later, she ate a few bites of steak. Finally, kid. It’s been tough getting her enough protein each day. One trick I’ve been using to get her to eat meat is I was buying the toddler turkey sticks and mashing them into creamed corn (which she loves) and would never know that I hid meat in there. I also have been making soups (vegetable, chicken noodle, potato/chicken/corn chowder) and straining most of the broth out..then mash it all up like oatmeal and feed it to her that way.

Sleep: She goes to bed around 8:30-9pm and sleeps through the night (most nights) until 9am! Of course, some mornings she’ll wake earlier at 8-8:30 or later between 9:30-10 but on average it’s around 9am. She takes one nap each day around 12:30-1pm and WAS sleeping for 2-3 hours. Over the last week or two, her naps have been dwindling down to only 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Bleh. We get excited when we get a 2 hour nap, but it’s looking like that occurrence is going to be rare.

Oh I know there’s so much more I’m leaving out and pretty much everything I’ve explained after the pictures above are stuff that only relatives and close friends will really care about. That’s okay. I don’t blame anyone for checking out of this post early but it’s important to me to document Mia’s milestones and growth. I’ve always said that it seems like she learns something new each day, but that’s especially true now more than ever. I seriously can’t keep track of all her latest abilities. I miss her each night after I put her to bed in her crib and I’m excited to see her each morning when she wakes. Sure, she keeps me from having a clean and/or organized house and really doesn’t allow me to have much time to myself but I’m okay with that. She means the world to me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’re officially 6 months away from having a 2 year old, which means it’s time for me to start planning her birthday! When you’ve got a toddler, you have to double your planning time for these sorts of things.

My dearest Mia, I love you to Neptune and back (it’s MUCH farther away from Earth than the moon). I can’t imagine my life without you in it and my love, even now, continues to grow. Now if you could do Mommy a favor and slow down time a bit, so I can cherish these moments for longer…that would be swell.

Before you go, don’t forget to…




  1. *Swoon* I loved everything about this post. All of these sweet, little details about your Mia girl are so precious. One day she will be so thrilled to look back on this. The photographs are gorgeous & the spontaneous family portrait is just the best! Happy Halloween to your beautiful, little family. <3

    • Aw, THANK YOU Dena! I always love reading your comments. I do my best to record as much as I can, probably because I have so little documentation of my childhood AND I have a very, very, very……VERY…..poor memory and I don’t remember much of it. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Awwww we had such an awesome time with you guys!!!! I too love watching that little girl grow and every time I see her she has something new to show me.. or tell me to do. ;) I love reading all the milestones.. you will be so happy you have this one day. I wrote some of Maddy’s past seven years, but there is so much I try to recall now when I see Mia. I scramble to write memories of then and have started writing the now. I’m grateful every day for this kid.. she’s my reason to smile. Thank you for reminding us to enjoy every little bit.. even the hard bits. <3

    • Dangit, I knew I was going to get that wrong. She’s SEVEN! I knew that, deep down in the back of my “mommy brain” :) Thanks, Carol! I’m so glad you extended the invite. And thank you for your heartfelt, lovely comment :) Oh, and for your friendship!

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