20 things I miss the most during pregnancy

20 things i miss

Oh, that “glowing”, big, round, expecting belly! Pregnancy truly is amazing, isn’t it? I mean, forget whether or not yours is or was a walk in the park or even a complete nightmare. Just thinking about the process in its entirety leaves me amazed. The fact that I have grown two humans inside me is a miracle and I absolutely feel blessed and lucky to have experienced this…twice. I look at my children everyday and I’m in awe that I grew them. It’s bizarre and really cool at the same time, and just hard to explain unless you’ve experienced it yourself.

Now with that being said…PREGNANCY! Yikes, right?! Forget a “glow”!…how about a thin layer of shimmering sweat that accompanies you throughout your days, reminding you that walking, stairs and keeping up with chores and daily tasks takes more effort and wind out of you than you’re comfortable with. Or maybe it’s more of a cold sweat that comes with feeling nauseous most of everyday during the first 3 months (I’m so sorry if this lasts longer for you, it’s the worst!).

In the grand scheme of life, 9 months of doing anything uncomfortably isn’t that big of a deal. But man, when you’re expecting, 9 months can feel like the longest months of your life. Pregnancy has the power to feel never-ending. Not only do some of your senses become heightened (like taste and smell…ugh, the scent of men’s cologne had me running for the door), but so does your awareness of all the things you can no longer do. So many restrictions are placed on you. Funny thing, I couldn’t have cared less about most of these things before getting pregnant, but you don’t really know what you have until it’s gone. I grew a strong longing for the full ability to do whatever the heck I wanted to again. I missed my freedom.

This is my official list of the things I miss the most during pregnancy. Not all things applied to my entire pregnancy, some I missed more towards the end. The end (my 9th month) is actually when I began writing this post and I’m just now getting around to blogging about it. Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Sleeping on my stomach:  This used to be my go-to sleeping position but for the last 5 months of my pregnancy, I was limited to my left side. It’s recommended t0 rest on the left to allow maximum oxygen flow to the baby. I gave my right side a little action in the middle of the night but it wasn’t comfortable for long. I’d lay there until I regained feeling back in my left side before flipping to the left again. And once you’re belly is seriously poppin’…your side is all that’s comfortable (but not really) anymore. I couldn’t breathe easy if I’d lay on my back.
  • Sushi: I know, taking sushi off of the menu is such an anal move for a mom-to-be and not all agree that this is necessary, but I’m the type that would rather play it safe than to be sorry. I seriously LOVE sushi, so it was definitely hard to give up.
  • Alcohol: I’ve never wanted booze more, than while pregnant. I had similar cravings during my first pregnancy. The thought of an ice cold beer (a Guinness, please!) or an icy cocktail (White Russian, Bloody Mary, Moscow Mule, Margarita) or a nightly glass of wine….had my mouth fully watering. To satisfy this craving, I created a house rule with my first pregnancy. Every beer that my husband cracked open, I’d get the first sip (or two) of each. And I mean every beer.
  • Salads: For whatever reason, salad was the one meal that gave me insane indigestion/heartburn immediately after consumption and would last for hours. The same thing happened with my first pregnancy. Doesn’t matter the type of dressing I used either. It was all just really, really bad. And I love salads, especially the prepackaged ones from Trader Joe’s. I couldn’t wait to dig into them again, as soon as possible.
  • Seafood: I lurve seafood! All shellfish and most fish. I missed scallops, lobster, crab, shrimp, mussels, clams, etc. Seafood is on the “food to beware” list for pregnant women, in case ya didn’t know. Oh, sad face.
  • 3/4 of my closet: I was actually able to wear a lot of my regular clothes throughout my pregnancy. I hardly have any maternity pieces. I hate buying them since they’re super expensive and won’t be worn for long. But at 9 months pregnant, even the maternity clothes I do have weren’t fitting so well! I spent most of my days home anyways, so I was able to live in yoga style pants paired with a plain t-shirt that definitely covered only 3/4 of my belly. Sexy!!!
  • Being able to count on one hand the amount of times I urinated on any given day: I didn’t really notice a need to pee more often than usual during most of my pregnancy. However, during the final month or two, as the baby grew, my bladder was constantly being weighed on. The poor thing couldn’t hold much liquid for long. The annoying thing was, while sitting down I had zero urge to “go”…but as soon as I would stand up the baby fell right onto the bladder and I had to book it to the bathroom. Have you seen penguins run? Cute, right?!
  • The ability to pick something up off of the ground without bracing myself against something and/or grunting loudly: I think this one is self explanatory. But, I did get a good groin muscle (is that a thing?) and quads workout from having to squat so often.
  • Not needing to let out a series of burps after each meal/snack: This is serious, guys. After every meal, I had to burp. More like belch! I’d have to let out 20 consecutive burps, each with maybe a minute or so in between them. It was bizarre, but I was just thankful that they weren’t coming out of the other end. Burps, I can handle.
  • Being able to walk more than 30 feet without becoming breathless: Yup, this one’s fun. Having an almost 3 year old running around made it real fun. I do feel bad, though…not having been able to be more active with her, especially when she had spring break from preschool. If I wasn’t huge and breathless all of the time, I would have loved to have taken her on little adventures around town. But, we stayed home for most of it. Blah.
  • Not having to blow my nose constantly: My nose was always stuffed which made breathing even more of a struggle. I went through a handful of tissues, daily. This was an issue for me with my first pregnancy, too. Sometimes I’d get a bloody nose from so much nose-blowing.
  • The ability to shave my legs: Since I mentioned somewhere above that I lived in yoga pants, I’ll admit that I neglected to shave my legs. I mean, I did it occasionally but it was too damn hard to stay on top of it. I couldn’t even see my upper legs and bending over to reach my calves and ankles with a giant belly in the way, holding a sharp razor blade…well, no thanks. Don’t feel bad for my husband, he didn’t notice.
  • The sight of my lady parts: Yeah…um…TMI? During the last trimester, I couldn’t see it at all. “Upkeep” in that neck of the woods was another chore in itself. I would need like, 3 mirrors positioned just right in the shower to do a decent job of anything. And, those mirrors don’t exist so it was what it was. Again, husband never noticed.
  • Being able to pick my daughter up whenever she requested it: This is something she asked from me often, and I had to turn her down a lot. I felt bad because I love to carry and hold her, but it had gotten to the point where it was just too uncomfortable. I tried to make up for this with extra couch cuddles or by letting her sit in my lap on the ground. I couldn’t wait to whisk her up into my arms all of the time, again.
  • Nights without the dreaded “Charlie Horse”: When I stretched my legs in bed while half asleep, my calf muscles would lock up in a painful tightening that wouldn’t unclench for up to 10 seconds or more. To avoid this, I had to stretch while flexing my foot towards me, rather than pointing my toes straight out in front. This isn’t as easy as it sounds when you’re in a deep snooze and not fully aware of what your body parts are doing at any given moment. This only happens to me while pregnant, btw.
  • Exercising: Believe it or not, but I really did miss it. I at least missed having the option to do some sort of physical activity, even if I were to put it off. I just missed having the choice. During the last trimester, there was no way I could have done my favorite workout, which is running. I very much looked forward to my follow up appointment with my OB/GYN after baby, when she’d give me the green light for running again. My 2nd pregnancy left me much softer and flabbier than my 1st. Frown.
  • The ability to get up out of bed without looking like a turtle on its back: It’s true. Sitting up from a laying position took some work. If I wasn’t careful, I would sometimes feel like I pulled a muscle in my abdomen…somewhere in there. I had to pay attention to which muscles I used to sit upright. I also had to wait until blood circulated back into my feet before immediately standing. My toes and feet tingled and didn’t function fully if I didn’t.
  • Walking without waddling: During the last trimester, I had that sexy preggo swagger going on. I think I looked like I was trying to walk while balancing a ruler (horizontally) between my thighs. There was nothing graceful, delicate or dainty about me during those days. My darling husband cracked up at the sight of me, multiple times a day.
  • Not having to worry about parking: During the last trimester, I had to give extra thought to where I parked my car in parking lots. Why? Because if I parked too close to another car, I couldn’t get out of mine! Spots that used to give me just enough room to slide out of my car, couldn’t anymore. Sometimes, I had to park further away from a store and other cars to ensure I had enough room for my big belly.
  • Being able to walk in public without everyone’s eyes on me!: I missed blending in with the crowd. As I grew, I stuck out like a sore thumb. I was the giant elephant in the room and everyone totally looked thin and fit while standing next to me. And, I could see everyone checking me out as I passed by, and not in the good way. There are a few things that they were undoubtedly thinking: 1) Yikes, she’s huge! Poor thing, that must be uncomfortable.  2) Clearly, she’s sexually active.  3) That reminds me, did I take my birth control pill today??  4) Damaged goods.

So there you have it! At this point, I’m 8 weeks postpartum and everything I’ve listed is back to normal except for my clothes fitting me again. I’ve lost all but 5 pounds of my pregnancy weight, but I just started walking on my treadmill a few days ago. I hope to drop that weight soon, and then some. I’m tired of still wearing my maternity jeans and yoga pants, people. The doctor has given me the “okay” to exercise again and I’m willing and ready.

Everything else on the list has received a big, warm welcome back into my life (or for some, a big fat “good-bye”) and I appreciate them all the more after being without them for 9 long months. In the end, it was worth the sacrifice for my sweet, Margo Blu.

How about you? Would you agree with my list? What are some things that you missed doing or having while pregnant?

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  1. Being a mom to be you have to give up a lot of stuff but it is well worth it. The thing I miss the most is eating seafood. I love seafood, but limiting it is pretty tough for me.

  2. Seriously! Amen to this! Pregnancy is a great thing but there are some things I definitely missed.

  3. Yes, yes, yes to all of this! I missed sushi and red wine so much during both of my pregnancies. It was crazzzzy!

    • Having to go without sushi for so long, has definitely made me appreciate it more now that I can have it again. When sushi’s on the table, I eat slowly and savor every bite!

  4. YES!!! This list, oh man I missed so many of these things when I was pregnant! For me #1 was caffeine for sure though.

    • I really don’t know HOW IN THE HECK I left out caffeine from this list. I missed my morning coffee like no one’s business! Now, I look forward to it starting the night before! Like heaven in a cup, now :) Thanks for the comment.

  5. I was SO self conscious in my third trimester I didn’t even want to go to the grocery store! But for me alcohol was the hardest!

  6. All of those struck a chord with me. It’s amazing how we have such similar (and different experiences). The getting out of bed one is hilarious. I used to have to rock side to side to get up some momentum. :-)

  7. Great list! I had a really strong sense of smell when I was pregnant too – no men’s cologne but I couldn’t stand the smell of the factory that was in between our house and the town centre – very inconvenient!

    • Aw bummer, that had to have been hard! My husband got annoyed over my strong nose….I had him taking out the trash non-stop..even when it wasn’t completely full. Happy pregnant wife, happy life! Thanks for the comment.

  8. Having to pee all. the. time. was a difficult part of pregnancy for me for sure.. I had my baby nine months ago but I still find myself scanning a park as soon as I get there as a habit from pregnancy :) I also totally missed sleeping on my stomach… I would sometimes drive to the beach just to dig a hole in the sand so I could lay tummy down. Great list!

    • I totally just laughed over the visual of a pregnant lady digging a hole in the sand and lying face down in it! Genius idea! If I lived closer to the beach, I’d do the same! Too funny. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Christina says

    Hahahaha. I totally agree with that. I have three kids- the seafood and alcohol was always the hardest. I just missed the wine :)

  10. I loved being pregnant more than anything! I sure missed a lot of the things on your list but would do it all over again if able! I had pretty awesome pregnancies, as it sounds like you did, too! I love this post! Thank you for sharing!!

  11. The second pregnancy was definitely harder for me too. Keeping up with a 1 year old while being pregnant was exhausting. I also had to take progestrone my first trimester one at lunch time and one before bed. They are like taking 2 tylenol PM’s. My first pregnancy that was awesome but it wasn’t awesome the second time with a very active boy. I missed not having restless leg syndrome lol. But I want a third baby, my husband not so much!

    • Wow, sounds rough! Adds another challenge to an already challenging situation. I want a 3rd baby, too…but doubtful because both of my kids were difficult infants. Don’t think I could deal with a 3rd colicky baby while caring for TWO other kids at the same time. Gives me anxiety just thinking about it. Yuck! Thanks for the comment.

  12. YESSSS!! Great post, I was the same way! I love the layout, Thank you for sharing!!

  13. Haha, totally agree with everything on this list :) I quite enjoyed my first pregnancy, but the second, running (waddling) around after a toddler just about killed me! I’m not sure I can go back and do it again :)

    • Tell me about it! My first pregnancy was soooooo much easier than the 2nd because there wasn’t another person to care for and run after. But did I realize how easy it was at the time? Of course not. One of those “if I knew then, what I know now…” kinda of things :) Thanks for the comment.

  14. ooooh! I can so clearly remember how badly I wanted a margarita!!!

  15. Totally agree with everything on this list! Although, I’m 4 months PP, and sleeping on my stomach now sometimes makes my boobs ache!

  16. I’m so sorry that you are experiencing the dreaded night time leg cramps too! I’m a few months postpartum with my third baby…thankfully I only got to enjoy that fun with this last pregnancy, those 3am charlie horses are really awful!

  17. Oh my goodness, these are awesome! I’m about 4.5 months along, and some of these I’ve already experienced, and others I know are still coming! I’m due in November, so I’m hoping I’ll be done wearing skirts/dresses by the time I get too big to keep shaving my legs. ;) I really miss cold meat and salad bars! I know I can eat a salad I make myself with freshly chopped veggies . . . but gosh, it’s a lot of work. And hot chicken on a salad just tastes weird! I’m with you though that pregnancy is just amazing, and I’m truly loving it about 90% of the time!

    • Glad to hear you’re really enjoying it so far. It’s pretty interesting how different every woman’s experience can be. I hope yours continues to run smoothly. And speaking of chicken, that just reminded me how I HATED the smell and even the thought of chicken during my first trimester, even a bit into the second. I wouldn’t go near it. Bizarre! Thanks for the comment :)

  18. It sounds like your pregnancy was as AWESOME as mine lol. I was pregnant in the summer, a very hot and very humid summer. It got so hot here and humid my doctor told me I shouldn’t even go outside anymore. It was miserable. As excited as I was too be pregnant actually being pregnant is a nightmare. A very emotional, non-glowing nightmare. For some crazy reason however, I can’t wait to do it again. lol #mombrains

    • Ugh, that sounds awful! I’m so glad I wasn’t pregnant in the summer…but then I miss out on summer fun because I have a newborn during the summer and none of my clothes fit me. But I know what you mean about wanting to do it again! We’re nuts.

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