Our 2014 Summer Bucket List {14 goals}

I’m a list maker.

I make detailed lists of things to pack before every overnight trip (or day trip). I make grocery lists. I make lists of chores I need to do each day. I make lists of chores I need to do each week. I make lists of bills I have to pay. I make lists of weekly/monthly goals. I make a weekly dinner menu list. I make a list of workouts to complete each week when I’m in my get fit zone. I have lists of funny movie/TV quotes. I have lists of blog post ideas. I have lists of possible future baby names.

Like I said, I’m a list maker…possibly an excessive one. #sorrynotsorry

There is one list, however, that I’ve never made before until now. I’ve never created a list of fun things to do over the summer, aka a summer bucket list. I’ve recently seen a few summer bucket lists pop up in blogs I follow and I thought, “Hey, I need me one of those!” So without further adieu, I present you with our 2014 Summer Bucket List of activities to do as a family. I highly encourage ya’ll to make your own. This can definitely be a fun activity to do with the whole family, brainstorming and discussing everyone’s goals and hopes for the summer.

2014 summer bucket list*side note: there is one pretty big summer goal we have that I didn’t list here because we’re just not sure yet if we can make it a reality. It involves our first, real vacation as a family. And by vacation, I don’t mean a two hour drive to Santa Barbara or San Diego. The kind of trip we’re hoping for involves an air plane and bathing suits. Fingers crossed for this one!

All activities listed are things that our 2 year old can participate in. Pretty much all of them will be a “first” for her except the beach trip, a family hike and the county fair. I hope this list holds us accountable for having a really fun summer full of memorable family days. Mia’s childhood starts now and I can speak for both Daddy Dom and I when I say we want to give Mia one that basically rocks.

If you’ve made a summer bucket list, I’d love to hear all about what’s on it! Did you blog about it? Leave me the link. Are you inspired to create your own, too? Blog about it and share the link!

Here’s to suuuuuuuuuuuummerrrrrrrrrrrr! (sung like Olaf, of course)

Omg, I’m quoting children’s movies! #youknowyoureamomwhenyou


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  1. Love this list! I need to make one myself! I want to do most of those things as well :)

  2. What a great list for the summer!

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