24 Favorite Blog Posts of Mine in 2013

Talk about a stroll down memory lane, looking back through all of my posts from 2013! I’ve seen other bloggers make similar lists and thought I’d give it a go as well. The difference is, they were on the ball and posted their list right as the new year rang in. I, on the other hand, am late as usual. I haven’t even jotted down my list of new year resolutions yet for 2014. I think that there’s so much I want to do and work on, that maybe part of me is reluctant to put it all in writing out of fear that I won’t actually stick with them or complete them. Does that make any sense? I have a tendency of not following through with things, goals included.

Anyways, here are my favorite blog posts from my blog in 2013 in chronological order from when they were created. Click the photo to be directed to the actual post. Enjoy.

1) DIY: Hand Sewn & Stuffed Turtles

(my first handmade toy for Mia)


2) DIY: Glitter Deer Head Portrait

deer head6

3) Pregnancy: Another chance to get it right

fam photo 8 months preggo2

4) Our First Family Trip to the LA Arboretum


5) First Family Hike


6) Our First A-Frame Tent Is Complete!


7) Sunshine Birthday Invitations {Handmade}


8) Our Little Sunshine Has Turned ONE!

(smash cake photos)


9) Mia’s 1st Birthday Party {You Are My Sunshine Theme}


10) Bath time at Grandma’s is so much FUN!


11) DIY: Upcycling Mommy’s Clothes

Leggings Collage1

12) At the Car Wash

carwash Collage5

13) Announcing my photography website! mjphoto Collage1

14) A Personal Photography Goal


15) Our First Family Day at the Beach!

ox Collage3

16) No-Sew Baby Owl Costume {DIY}


17) Last Weekend’s Family Session {Family Photographer}


18) {sweet} 16 months old


19) Basket of “Firsts” for the bride and groom {DIY}


20) A Family Photo Session {Misty Jeanine Photography}

jj Collage2

21) My very first newborn photography session

k Collage2

22) Halloween 2013 {Little Red Riding Hood}


23) Momista In Training

reflection Collage

24) Merry Christmas 2013

gpa Collage2

I’m very much looking forward to see what I make of 2014. Cheers to a new year.



  1. I’ve SO enjoyed reading these blogs Misty.. especially since life has taken it’s busy turn and I can’t see you guys or my (second) favorite little girl ;) Creative and just real.. (ESPECIALLY the late posts! Life IS busy!! It’s a very lived thing ;) ) Just two reasons why I love your blogs so much. As far as resolutions.. sometimes it’s easier to list habits we would like to change first.. much more doable..that’s what I am doing this year. Hopefully in changing old habits.. I will move closer to my goals <3 Happy New Yaar you guys <3 Lots of love Always <3 <3

    • Thanks, Carol! That’s such a great compliment and I so appreciate that you read the blog AND comment :) Nice tip on the resolutions. I STILL haven’t made mine yet. Procrastinator for life. XOXOXOXO!!!

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