28 weeks pregnant with an eggplant

28 weeks update

I can’t say that much has changed with my progress since last week. I still feel a ton of baby action each day, which I love. I still feel really great, overall. My shortness of breath is minor and isn’t anything that I’d consider a problem.


Now, indigestion! That’s a whole other issue and a big one at that. With Mia, I remember experiencing some pretty major indigestion and early on in my pregnancy. I had to leave work a handful of times because of it and it left me in the fetal position (and in many others that I wouldn’t even begin to know how to describe) many times, too. I thought with this pregnancy that I was in the clear since I’ve yet to really get a bad case of it…until last night. Ugh, it was ugly and it lasted for hours. Salads were always the culprit with my last pregnancy and last night, I had a side salad with some pasta. Funny thing is that I had a feeling that my dinner combo wasn’t a good idea but dug right in anyways. Big mistake. Within about a half hour or so after eating, I started feeling that familiar burn in the center of my upper stomach. The intensity began to grow every few minutes and it wasn’t long until I was controlling my breathing with deep and heavy breaths, changing my sitting position on the couch every 2 minutes, moaning and groaning, burping, curling into a ball and hitting the bathroom every 20 minutes. I had a piece of bread and a glass of milk and some Tums which gave me immediate relief, but that only lasted for about 15 minutes until the pain came back. I finally was able to pass out on the couch for probably an hour or so before waking up at 11:30pm with no discomfort at all. What this all means is that salads are off the table again and I have to start paying attention to what I eat: No tomatoes, garlic, onions, spaghetti sauce, and highly acidic foods. I’ll do whatever it takes (bland food is my friend) to avoid an attack like that again.


Now, in regards to waiting to find out the sex of the baby….well it’s killing me! Everyday, I’m asking my husband if we should just do it and call up our doctor to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl. I go over the pros and cons often and it’s actually been giving me a little bit of anxiety which is something I was trying to avoid with not finding out. This time around, I feel like I’m much better connected with my baby than I was with Mia at this point in the pregnancy, but I’m worried that I could be even more bonded with him/her if I knew the sex. This could all be just a phase that I will pass through shortly so we’re choosing to wait another week to see how we feel then. If we always give it “one more week”, which is only 12 more now…well then we’ll eventually be at the finish line. So for now, we wait, as I work on doing so more patiently and becoming at peace again with this decision.


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  1. Looking good mama! I so remember those wonders of being pregnant, can’t say I miss them-sorry! ;)

  2. Aw that 2nd to last photo makes me miss my pregnant tummy! I didn’t have indigestion so I can’t imagine what you’re going through! I would have such a hard time giving up that food! Also, I know what you mean about feeling like you could bond better with your baby if you knew their sex… but how magical it would be to figure out right when the baby is born! Both have pros :)

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