2nd day overdue…with more dressing, please

It’s the 2nd day past Mia’s due date.  Nothing new to report.  She’s mellowed out a little, but still moves around here and there.  Some of her movements send a quick, sharp pain or tingle down into my….um, lady part.  It’s not comfortable.  Like the leg “zingers” I was feeling a few days ago, I think she’s just pressing on my cervix and triggering certain nerve endings.  Today, I’ve managed to do dishes, clean up the kitchen, stay on top of Roxi’s meds and vacuum our living room and the sofas.  There’s much more cleaning to do around here, and who knows, maybe working around the house will jump start THE contractions.

  If that doesn’t work…Dominic and I have a trick up our sleeve that we’re hoping will prove effective tonight.  When we hit up the burger food truck for dinner the other night, the workers suggested to us a restaurant in Studio City that’s known to have a labor inducing salad.  I checked it out online today, and Dominic said he’ll pick up the salad on his way home from work tonight and we’ll give it a try!  The restaurant is called Caioti Pizza Cafe and their maternity menu item is called “THE” Salad.  This salad has been attracting pregnant women who are ready to jump start their labor for almost 20 years!  Now, I don’t know what the success rate has been for these eager women, but you can read some of their testimonials HERE.  It’s claimed that the special ingredients lie in the vinaigrette dressing, and the restaurant even bottles the stuff and sells it to the public.  Now during my pregnancy, salad and vinaigrette dressings have NOT sat well with me.  In fact, I’ve experienced some pretty extreme indigestion and heart burn from the few times I’ve eaten it.  My fingers are crossed for a different kind of pain this time…contractions rather than heart burn.  PLEASE!  Let’s hope this salad works its magic on me tonight…stay tuned for the update.

Photo via Caioti Pizza Cafe

Now if that doesn’t work, here are few links that offer some more natural ways to induce labor…

* 40 Natural Ways To Induce Labor On Your Own

(#29 on this list has been our top method of choice so far…funny how this is what got us here to begin with)

* Natural Ways To Induce Labor

I’ve heard from a few friends who were past due that their baby decided to begin labor the day before momma was scheduled to be induced!  If Mia follows in their teeny tiny footsteps, then she’ll get things going on Sunday under her own terms.  I’m afraid I have the same “you’re not the boss of me!” kind of attitude ;)

Any mommas out there willing to share what you tried to get the ball baby rolling? Did anything specific work for you or did you just let nature take its course?

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  1. I tried THE salad too! I think on my due date. It didn't work for me but maybe it will for you. I also tried drinking a ton of pineapple juice… like a 1/2 gallon at one sitting because I read pineapple can induce labor. All I got was really bad heartburn! I also tried walking and skipping and bouncing on an exercise ball but none of it worked. That just made me tired. Plus my doctor told me none of that stuff really works anyway. Babies come when nature tells them to, not when their mothers want them to… Then, when I finally accepted that I was just gonna have to wait to be induced, it happened on its own! I was scheduled to be induced on 2/11 and Abby was born on 2/10… 6 days past my due date. The longest 6 days of my life!! I feel your pain Momma! I'm not gonna tell you to relax and enjoy the quiet because it just pissed me off when people did that… so good luck with THE salad tonight :) Mia will be here before you know it and it will change your life forever! Being a mommy is amazing!!

    • Oh man, pineapple juice gives me gnarly heartburn, too…I'll be skipping that one. Honestly, I'm cool with waiting until it happens, but Dom is SUPER EAGER for her to get here, so I'm basically just humoring him for the moment. I'm enjoying my "me time" when I can get it. And crazy, you're one of like, 5 other gals who had the same experience…baby coming right before being induced. It's a baby conspiracy. Thanks for sharing, Jenna!

  2. Well I don't even know what that stuff is! And no, that does not sound pleasant…thanks for the tip :)

  3. #4.. black cohash.. is used to bring your period on earlier as far as up to two weeks.. terrible side effects.. don't try that one to be on the safe side!

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