30 Weeks Pregnant {Cabbage}

Whoa.  I’ve hit 30 weeks.  Sounds like such a milestone, like hitting 30 years of age!  (Uh-uh…not there for another year + a month.  Whew!)

(Average measurements: 15.7 inches, 2.75 pounds)

  • House update:  Still, very stressful!  We heard that the current tenant who is supposed to be moving out in February, said that she’s not moving and a friend is coming in and taking over the rent.  UGH!  Then, we were told that now she is moving some time this month.  Well, WHEN!?  These are things we need to know, people!  Apparently, the owner has paperwork for us to pick up because I guess we will be moving in, but it’s been difficult finalizing anything.  Communication isn’t moving smoothly, and this pregnant lady’s patience is wearing thin!
  • I baked Banana Espresso Chocolate Chip Muffins…one of my FAVORITE treats to make.  You can find the recipe and post here.
  • Dominic, my mom and I made a night run to Babies R Us to checkout strollers and car seats.  I’ve only been looking online for them, and even after reading reviews I’m clueless as to what I should put on my registry.  We needed some real hands-on experience.  There’s so much to choose from, but we finally came to a few agreements.
  • Our friend, Jenna, gave birth yesterday to her first daughter, Abby.  She’s beautiful (only seen a few pics).  Much congratulations and love and xoxo’s to her and her family.  My day is just around the corner!  Eeek!
  • At work, some of my students have been rubbing my belly each time they see me, giving Mia a “foot massage.”  One boy (who knows I’m pregnant), told me that my belly is getting bigger because I “eat too much food,” not because I have a baby.  Another student told me that when I have a baby “it’s going to hurt.”  One boy asked where the baby comes out.  He answered his own question with “maybe it comes out of your ‘B-word’…”  I said, “um, I hope not!”  I usually say things like, “Well the doctors have special tools to help get the baby out,” and “I’m not sure where the baby comes from, I’ve never had one before.  We’ll have to wait and see.”  I’m NOT about to explain childbirth to young kids!

Photo via www.babycenter.com

At 30 weeks pregnant, my BabyBump phone app says:

As your baby continues to practice breathing you may notice a bout of the hiccups.  Many mom’s have described this feeling as a series of small twitches. With only 10 weeks to go you may wonder how much more your uterus will grow.  By this time you may have gained anywhere form 25-35 pounds, depending on your pre-pregnancy weight, and you will continue to gain about a pound a week.  And for many women, as your due date approaches, it’s a common and very normal time to feel more emotional than usual.  You’ll experience more frequent mood swings, and very likely some anxiety over the coming baby and the new responsibilities that lie ahead.

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