31 Weeks Pregnant {4 Navel Oranges}

Momma and her Mia have wrapped up our 31st week together.

(Average Measurements: 16.25 inches, 3.3 pounds)

  • House update:  Even though it seems that our highest hopes are being met, I’m still hesitant to say that we’re officially moving out.  I’m scared to get excited, just to have something crazy happen and burst my bubble.  Paperwork has been exchanged via email, and it has been agreed upon that we can move into the house on March 15th *knock on wood*!  That’s a quick month away, although I’m sure the days will drag on slowly.
  • Dominic and I checked out the Rose Bowl’s flea market on Sunday.  I’ve never been and had no idea how HUGE it is.  Oh man my feet were throbbing after only a few hours.  We I fell in love with a purple, outdoor, wooden table and 2 chairs…we bought them for a pretty good price.  Once we move out and get a better feel for what we need, we’ll be heading back to the flea market for more unique bargains.
  • My sweet and thoughtful fiance brought me some lovely roses to work on Valentine’s Day.  It’s so much better getting a kiss and hug from the actual sender, rather than the flower delivery guy ;)  Later that afternoon, it was confirmed that my guy is as sweet as honey because a bee stung him right on the eye!  Poor thing has had a big swollen eye for a few days now.

  • My mother made a delicious Valentine’s dinner which we shared with 2 close girlfriends of mine.  My friend’s adorable daughter (age 3 in a month) wanted to compare bellies.  I think my maternity pants confused her.  You shoulda seen her face when I pulled them down and really showed her my belly.  Yikes!

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours!"

  • We had another doctor’s appointment.  We only listened to Mia’s heartbeat.  Sounds good.  She also pressed my belly a bit and thinks Mia’s head was near my pelvis…so, upside down.  I’ve been wondering what position she’s been in.  She moves around A LOT!  We are to see our doctor again in 2 weeks, rather than in a month.  Oh and btw, I’ve now gained 20 pounds. Moo? ;)
  • We had our first new parent birthing/Lamaze class at the hospital.  We both have heard negative things about classes our friends have taken, but we were really happy with our first one.  It’s one evening a week, for 5 weeks.  The instructor was really informative, easy to follow, comical at times and kept our attention for the whole 2 hours.  We watched a video where I saw a real birth for my first time.  Yes, I’ve gone almost 29 years without witnessing a baby being pushed out of a….um, birthing canal.  I had hoped to keep it that way.  OUCH!  I admit, I looked away a few times during the video.  The instructor taught us a few breathing techniques for labor and also showed our “partners” some different massages to perform on us mommies to help relieve lower back pain.  YES!  Finally, back rubs :)  Looking forward to the next class!
  • Mia’s grandma (Dominic’s mom) sent her the cutest Valentine’s card with some cut-outs of butterflies to display or string together and hang in her (future) nursery.  She also sent us a very generous cash gift, which Dominic and I are looking forward to putting towards Mia’s stroller…a BOB!  Thank you, Grandma Carone!!!


Photo via www.babycenter.com


My phone’s BabyBump app says, “This week your baby is gaining more weight as baby fat is filling in underneath the skin.  Your baby’s color is also becoming less red and more pink in color.  By now, your baby’s irises can dilate and respond to changes in light.

As you prepare yourself for your coming baby, your breasts are also working hard to prepare for your hungry baby.  It’s common to have some discharge or leaking of colostrum.  Many women find comfort by going up a bra size and using nursing pads to prevent unexpected leaks.

Some women are just now experiencing their uterus practice for labor, Braxton Hicks contractions, which feel like sporadic uterine contractions.  It can be difficult to distinguish Braxton Hicks contractions from the signs of preterm labor.  If you are usnure and your contractions become longer, more intense and more frequent, call your practitioner immediately.”

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  1. Annie Wynne says

    Are you taking classes at Verdugo? That's where we went for lamaze and infant care. I wasn't too fond of the lamaze instructor (who's yours? Something Noble?) but the infant care nurse was awesome!! I took a breast feeding class at bellies which was great and free ; )

    • Yes, we're at Verdugo. I think her name is Melanie Kimmell? She's crackin' jokes throughout and is definitely to the point. No sugar coating, either…which I like. I'll definitely have to look into Bellies. Thanks for the tip!

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