35 Weeks Pregnant {Honeydew Melon}

Wow, what an unbelievable 35th week we’ve had!  Possibly, the best so far.

(Average measurements: 18 inches, 5.25 pounds)

  • This week started off with a new addition to our little family!  Wait, don’t jump out of your chair…no, we did not have an early baby.  We got a puppy!!!  I know what you’re thinking, “You’re certifiably insane, go get your head checked.  What are you thinking?!”  Relax, this wasn’t planned.  We’ve been wanting a puppy long before we found out we were pregnant, but due to our current circumstances, we thought it best not to look for one.  We’ve said that when the time is right, one will come to us.  Early Saturday morning, Dominic was driving on the 210 freeway in Rancho Cucamonga when he spotted a couple of dark figures on the shoulder of the fast lane.  He pulled over, backed up and discovered a 120-somethin’-pound rottweiler, maybe 2 years old!  The dog was friendly and Dom said it seemed happy to see him.  Dom then spotted a black puppy further down the shoulder and took off after it before it did anything crazy, like run into traffic.  He put the puppy in his truck and then went back for the rottweiler.  It started to panic because it couldn’t find the puppy and ran down the shoulder in the direction of oncoming traffic.  Dom got in his truck and backed up after him.  That’s when a CHP officer drove up (he got a call) and the 2 of them, with the help of other cars and trucks who saw what was going, helped stop traffic so they could grab the rottweiler, who was now darting across the freeway!  The cop had the dog by the collar and gave Dom the key to his trunk to get one of those poles with the choke loop at the end.  Once they pulled the dog to safety, the officer asked Dom if he wanted to take the dog.  He declined, thinking it wouldn’t work out with Roxi since she’s Miss Dominant Alpha-Dog.  Dominic did, however, keep the puppy.  A beautiful (and a bit skinny) 3 month old German Shepherd.  He named him, Rancho.  How fitting :)  Once we got him home, we introduced him to Roxi and then gave him a flea bath.  The poor thing had fleas AND about 20 or so ticks, mostly in his ears.  Dominic picked them all out.  When I first saw Rancho, he refused to even walk or move.  He must have been exhausted and scared.  It’s sickening to think that his owner could have abandoned him on the freeway.  He was in an area that was non-residential and with really high walls on the side of the freeway.  I hope that wasn’t the case.  He had definitely been on the road for AT LEAST a few days.  I keep wondering where he’d be now if Dominic hadn’t rescued him.  What a lucky dog is all I have to say.




  • We started painting Mia’s room!  It’s just GORGEOUS.  I wanted a bright room, I got it.
  • We took Rancho to his first vet visit.  The vet agreed that he is 3 months old, he weighed in at 16 pounds and he got his first shot.  The vet wanted a stool sample to check for any other problems.  Dominic brought one back the next day and it turns out Rancho has “Roundworm,” an intestinal parasite that is spread by sniffing or licking infected feces or through rodents and birds.  The parasite feeds off of partially digested intestinal contents in the dog, which probably explains why he’s a bit skinny and eats a lot.  We have to give him medicine in his food and he should be good after a few weeks.
  • Dominic’s mom is in town and staying with us in our “new” home for 4 1/2 days!  Can you believe, it’s our first time meeting each other? I’m excited to see the characteristics Dominic has from her.  She’s been a great house guest and grandma!  She had only been in our house for a few minutes and already she got to work, cleaning the kitchen.  We had so many new dishes that needed to be washed, and neglected dishes that should probably have been replaced!  Well they’re all spotless now and have been put away, the floors have been swept and counters cleaned.  That doesn’t even begin to cover all the help she’s been so far.  Thank you!
  • Our TV has been put up in the living room.  Our new refrigerator was delivered.  Our internet, cable and phone line was installed.



Photo via www.babycenter.com


My phone’s BabyBump app says, “At this point, all of your baby’s major organs should be nearly complete.  Your baby’s kidneys are completely developed and her liver is functional and capable of processing waste products.  Around this time many practitioners recommend that a Group B streptococcus (GBS) culture be taken from the rectal and vaginal area.  While harmless in most healthy adults, it can be passed onto your newborn during delivery and cause life-threatening infections.  Many women are unaware they carry GBS in their system because it may not exhibit any symptoms.  With proper preparations, testing and treatment, if necessary, overall risk is low.”


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  1. LOVE the blue for Mia's room!!! It looks even prettier and brighter in person.. :) AND.. thanks for let the kids run wild all over.. she had fun but reminded me once again that I forgot your pictures.. one day I'll get my mommy act together.. probably when she is 18..lol

  2. Jenna, I wasn't to crazy about the color at first but with the other colorful items I think its going to look great. You'll have to come over some time and check it out.

    P.s. thanks for the gifts today :)

  3. Excellent choice in colors for Mia's room! Looks just like Abby's room! Congrats on the new house guys!!

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