38 Weeks Pregnant {Leek}

My little Leek, we’re rounding 2nd base and heading to home plate.  2 more weeks until your due date!  If you take after your momma, you’ll be late for sure :)

(Average Measurements: 19.75 inches, 6.8 pounds)

Belly lump, week 38

  • I have literally shopped til I dropped this week!  I used to love shopping.  That was before my feet were swollen and I wasn’t carrying around a small child in my stomach.  We’ve got so many things that we need for the house still and I’m trying to get everything in order before baby Mia comes.  I feel like I’m in a race against time, when all I really want to do is sit with my feet up and relax.
  • Our roommate, Mikey, officially moved in at the beginning of this week.  I had about 2 weeks to get used to sharing my room with a man, now I have to get used to sharing my home with 2 men, and in about 2 more weeks I’ll have to get used to sharing my home with 2 men and a baby!  I don’t know if any of us actually realizes what we’re getting ourselves into here.  Stay tuned to find out ;)
  • My husband baked a whole chicken stuffed with onions and rosemary.  It was delicious.  He then left it out in Tupperware overnight and realized his blunder in bed at 7am the next day.  Could he possibly be suffering from “preggo brain” as well?  Hmmm….

I spy with my little eye...a wedding ring ;)


  • Our new puppy, Rancho, has been getting along so well with his new family.  He and Roxi are best buds (except in the early morning when Roxi is still trying to get her beauty sleep and all Rancho wants to do is play and nibble on her face).  His worms seemed to have cleared up.  He’s learned the command, “sit” and “no!”  He sleeps through the night still and has only had a few accidents in the house.
  • We had our first house guest over for dinner.  My brother came by after work for BBQ chicken, Mac n’ Cheese and steamed broccoli.
  • We had a quick doctor’s appointment.  I lost a pound this week, which makes my total weight gain at 26 pounds!  Don’t ask me how I’ve managed to keep the weight fairly low.  I do NOT watch what I eat…knowing that I should.  The doctor also told me that I’m BARELY dilated, not even a centimeter.  She said,  “It looks like you’ve got another few weeks to go.  But, I’ve said that to couples before and then they’re in the hospital the very next day going into labor.”
  • I used my “Perfect Brownie” maker for the first time.  I just bought it recently.  It’s a kit that has dividers so that when you pour in the batter and bake them, they come out without any cutting necessary.  It’s awesome and only $20…everyone who likes to bake should have one

Perfect Brownie maker...as seen on TV

No cutting necessary! I used the Funfetti Brownie Mix

  • I had my last day at work with my students.  A few of my parents gave me a few baby gifts and many of them wished me luck and gave me hugs :)
  • I got a pedicure.  It’s been over a year since I’ve had one!  When the woman who was rubbing my feet said to me, “foot massage? 15 minute…$10 more?” you better believe I said YES.  That’s just what these preggo feet needed.

  • Lastly, mommy is still feeling good.  My hands, mostly my fingers, feel sore and tight throughout the day and I have to constantly squeeze my hands into fists to help relieve the pain.  They’re so FAT!  In the morning when I wake up, sometimes I can’t even grip anything right away until I’ve moved em around for a few minutes.  Same with my feet.  I have to stretch them in the morning before walking because they’re so full of water (well that’s my guess) and it hurts to walk at first.  Mia has been super duper active inside my tummy.  Everyday, she’s doing “the wave” in there, pushing her booty out, giving me high-fives…or maybe she’s got Restless Leg Syndrome like mommy still has…who knows!

Photo via www.babycenter.com


My phone’s BabyBump app says, “Although your baby is full term with fully functioning organs, her brain and nervous system will continue to develop well into childhood and her teen years.  You may be wondering what your baby will look like.  Many parents are often surprised by the hair or eye color of their baby at birth, but note these characteristics may change as they grow older.  Before your pregnancy your uterus weighed only 2 ounces.  By now, it has stretched large enough to hold your baby and weighs around 2 1/2 pounds.  Your baby is now considered full-term but she will still continue to grow until you deliver.  Your breasts will also reach their full size and your overall weight gain will slow, stop or even drop a little.  At this point, waiting for your baby is a challenge.  Many practitioners recommend taking this time to relax and move towards planning and preparing for your time with your newborn.”


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  1. soooooo excited! I got Mia something yesterday!! :D (I can't help it.. between her and Averie I'm in baby bliss!)

    • Oh my goodness…you knock that off! I'm not allowed in baby stores/sections because of that same reason :)

  2. Mia is almost here!!! SO EXCITED YAAAAAY!!!! xoxo

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