39 Weeks Pregnant {Mini Watermelon}

My sweet, juicy, mini watermelon…we’ve rounded 3rd base and are headed straight for home plate!  Your Our due date is a week away.

(Average Measurements: 20 inches, 7.25 pounds)

  • I celebrated Easter a day early with my family at a Mexican restaurant in Placentia called Blue Agave.  It was REALLY good…check it out some time.  All were excited to congratulate Dominic and I on our recent marriage…after they asked him if he was nuts for joining our family ;)
  • Dominic painted our daughter’s dresser purple!  We both decided on the color together, and that it would be a great addition to her room.  He did a swell job.  Thanks, Daddy!  We love it

Mia’s dresser, hand painted by Daddy


  • Dominic took Rancho for his first dip in our swimming pool.  Roxi joined, too….and later, so did Mikey.  It was a beautiful day


  • We spent Easter at Dominic’s dad’s house with his family.  My parents joined, too!  This was the first small family gathering that my parents attended with my in-laws.  That’s a pretty monumental occasion, I think.  As far as I know, it was a success.  No embarrassing stories or jokes at my expense were shared and everyone got along.
  • My mom and I had another successful shopping trip at IKEA.  I love that store.  We finally found curtains (which need to be hemmed) for our living room and a comforter cover for the spare bed in Mia’s room…along with a few other things

Spare bed in Mia’s room with new duvet cover from IKEA

One view of Mia’s room

  • It’s only taken me 2 1/2 weeks, but I finally got our request for a copy of our marriage license notarized at AAA.  Now all I need to do is send it in.  Hmm…I wonder how long that will take me.  My last name remains unchanged.
  • At our weekly doctor’s visit, I found out that I gained 2 pounds.  I’m now at a 28 pound weight gain since conception.  I guess the extra spoonfuls of this and that, that my husband’s been adding to my dinner plate every night is actually fattening me up.  This was his intention…and I’m not amused.  Also, I’m still barely dilated.  The doctor said she did, however, notice a change in my cervix.  No, not a progression, just a change.  Oh, what does it all mean?!
  • I came home from work mid-week to find 8 chicks in our garage.  Can you believe, that?!  The nerve of my husband to be hiding away 8 chicks, without my consent or knowledge!  See for yourself..…oh wait, did you think I meant…??  No, no.  I meant the foul type ;)
  • Did you notice in the previous statement, I mentioned work?  Yup, it’s our spring break at work for the students and most of our staff, but I went in on Tuesday through Thursday to not only clean my cluttered classroom, but to also prepare art lesson plans for the teacher who’s replacing me while I’m on maternity leave.  I also used an afternoon to train her a little bit, and introduce her to my maddening methods.  I’ll be going in ONE LAST DAY on Monday to finish up a handful of kids’ projects with them…the kids who have been absent and on vacation.  I don’t want to leave any “unfinished business” behind.  I’m sure I’ll be getting many phone calls while I’m away if I do.  And we don’t want that now, do we.
  • We almost made it through my pregnancy without any/much back pain…but…there’s a pinch.  A pinch in my lower back has reared it’s ugly head and has left me without a full night’s sleep.  It could be worse…I’ve heard of MUCH worse.  So to be clear, this is not a complaint, just a statement of the facts.
  • On our final day of week 39, it rained.  I used the morning to sweep the dining room and kitchen floor.  I then mopped (Swiffer Jet) both floors.  I did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen counter tops, dusted the dining room table along with the end tables and coffee table in the living room.  Can someone say…”nesting”???  And wouldn’t you know it…that pinch in my back showed up again!  “Hello, sofa.  I don’t think we’ve met yet.  I guess we’ll be buddies for the rest of the day.”
  • Twice on Friday, I had a little bit of anxiety.  I’ve been pretty calm and mellow about the fact that the most painful experience of my life (physically speaking) is fast approaching.  For some reason, I suddenly felt an increase of pressure and tightening in my chest about an hour before bed.  My heart was beating faster, it was harder to breathe, and I had to take a few deep breaths.  I fell asleep okay, but when I was woken up around 3:30am by our roomie, I felt anxiety again and it took me about an hour to fall back asleep.  Again, racing heart, short of breath, and lots of deep and slow breaths to try and slow down my heart.  I felt so bad…even though I was quiet, I kept Dominic up, too.  He knew I wasn’t okay and to try and help, he held me, rubbed my back and tried soothing me back to sleep.  Have I mentioned that I love my husband?  I do.  He’s so sweet to me.  Thank you.


Photo via www.babycenter.com


My phone’s BabyBump app says, “As your baby prepares to join the outside world, she’s continuing to build a layer of fat and slough off the outer layers of her skin.  The vernix and lanugo are nearly completely gone although you may see some traces of it after birth.  Your placenta is also still hard at work providing critical antibodies to help protect your baby from infections in the outside world.  Although, if you choose to breastfeed, your baby will get many of her needed antibodies from your breast milk.  If you have chosen to deliver in a hospital, you may be wondering when is the right time to go.  You’ve probably heard many forms of advice and there is no real right answer since instructions vary form practitioner to practitioner.  However, it’s always best to follow your medical practitioner’s instructions.  If you think you are beginning labor, you should monitor and measure the frequency of your contractions: time the beginning of one contraction to the beginning of another.  Time the duration of each contraction from when it starts to when it stops.”


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  1. Nooooooo anxiety… :/ I know all too well that terrible anxiety. And I agree^^ Don't over do it! Lots of rest.. may be your last true rest for a while.. ;) Enjoy your last weeks(s) before Mia comes and wraps you both around her finger (more so than she already has) :D

  2. Hi there fluffy little chickies! Take it easy momma, I know you wanna nest but don't over do it! The couch is your BFF in this long haul at the end of the road, take advantage of each quiet moment! YA MIA!! XOXO

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