3rd Day Overdue…

You’re a smart crowd.  From the title alone, you can see that “THE” Salad did NOT put me into labor.  I really didn’t think it would, honestly.  But hey, why not give it a try, right?  Got nothin’ to lose.  So here’s the famous maternity greens from Caioti Pizza Cafe…with a side of their garlic rolls.

Dominic ordered their Salsiccia pizza.  Our review:  we were NOT impressed.  In fact, we wouldn’t go back. My salad was decent until halfway through when I started thinking that the cheese and/or walnuts weren’t making such a good combination.  I didn’t even finish the last fourth of it.  Their pizza had a good flavor, but the crust is extremely thin which made the center of the whole pizza’s crust really soggy.  There’s no pizza/tomato sauce either, which is different and allows you to taste the other ingredients.  I liked that.  But, if you’re craving sauce, their pizza isn’t for you.  The garlic rolls were pretty dang good…and left a strong garlic flavor in my mouth for hours.

Answer:  No.

Any contractions?  Nope.  My meal only left me with bad breath, lots of burps and gas!  Yuck.  At least I didn’t get heartburn.

Today’s updates:  No advancements.  I’ve been home all day, continuing my routine of Roxi-care and light house chores.  My mom stopped by to drop off her homemade spaghetti sauce for us to use for dinner…and her yummy garlic bread.  Thanks, Mom.  Dinner was delicious.  Dominic and I tried to get labor going again by taking a short walk, drinking a small amount of wine (recommended by a doc’s wife), and…um, our preferred method (recommended by EVERYONE).

I still feel fine, physically.  I was completely okay with holding out until Mia’s ready…but I’m beginning to want to give her a little nudge.  I really don’t want to be induced, which will most likely happen on Monday.  As I understand it, this doesn’t guarantee a vaginal birth, which is what we really want.  I think Dominic’s and my efforts will begin to increase.

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  1. Hang in there. You are getting close and in no time that little baby will be coming out :)

  2. Annie Wynne says

    I don't know if it was anything I did in particular or Riley was just ready but Dr. N had predicted he'd be late and he came right on time. I went into labor the day after my graduation and I boogied my butt off that night so the dancing might have helped…the Dr. I work with swears by belly dancing (something about swaying the hips in a circle). The day I went into labor I walked a ton and ate spicy food (BJ's buffalo chicken pizza). For what it's worth… ; ) But seriously take a nap first because those are few and far between, lol!!

  3. Just enjoy the quiet time you have now. Your life changes forever after a baby comes. Naps are good!

    • Funny, I was just thinking how amazing a nap sounds right now! And I'm not much of a nap person…I bet that's gonna change real soon :)

  4. That's weird that my earlier comment isn't posting. Hmmm… We'll see if this one post. If so, I'll type up the one about your induction again.

    Those pillows on the couch are awesome. Where did you get them?

    • Thanks, they are from Home Goods in La Canada. Love that store. I found them one at a time…3 separate trips…all within a week apart. Gotta check back often for new stuff. Their size have been really great with back support over the last month.

  5. Chrystyna says

    Hold strong if you want a vaginal birth. I cant tell you how many people I know that we're induced that ended up with a csection. And CS after labor is so much harder on your body. I had to have one right out of the gate and healed quick (my stomach has never looked all nice and flat like it did before though). Friends/family that started in labor and then ended in an emergency C…not so much. Your due date could easily be a week or 2 off, so just tell your doc (and Dom) to hold onto their panties and she'll arrive when she's ready!

    • Thanks for the advice…we just came back from the doctor's and she thinks Mia is on her way very soon…like by this weekend. We're all hoping that inducing me isn't necessary. Fingers crossed :)

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