40 Weeks Pregnant {Small Pumpkin}

According to all of the online and phone app due date calculators, my due date is TODAY!  But, my doctor is the only one who’s calculator claims my due date is in 2 days on Sunday, April 22.  Either way you count it, you can count on a baby any day now :)  We’re just feet away from sliding into home plate, Mia :)

(Average measurements: 20 inches, 7.5 pounds)

  • Okay, so this mama bird was actually able to do a little nesting over the weekend.  I kicked it off by adding some super cute owl decals to Mia’s nursery.  I posted about it HERE.

  • Our dog, Roxi, gave us a good scare Sunday morning by severely cutting her leg open, sending us all to the pet emergency room for surgery.  If you missed the post, you can read all about it here at “CANINE CRISIS.” Warning: there are some pretty graphic photos included, but as links, so click them at your own risk and maybe when small children aren’t present.

  • Monday was my last day at work!  It was supposed to be the week before, but I still had so much work to do and loose ends to tie.  In fact, I probably could have gone into work again the next day, but I had to just…let it go.  I cleaned and organized my classroom and created the lesson plans for the teacher replacing me to follow until the end of the year in June.  I’m very proud of the art program I’ve created for my students and it was hard for me to just hand it over to someone else.  On the other hand, I’m thrilled to have this time off to be with my family and to be a Mom!  I’ve had so many ideas for projects and activities to do while I’m on maternity leave and I want to take full advantage of this time I’m taking off…I really hope I don’t blow it all away by getting lazy.  I’d hate for the day to come when it’s time for me to go back to work and I’m disappointed in myself for getting nothing done on my lists!
  • My first week of maternity leave has been spent as Roxi’s caregiver.  Dominic has to work everyday, so I’m the one who stays home with her to give her meds (6 different ones, now) and to make sure she stays pretty immobile.  It’s not as easy as it sounds, trying to keep an 85 pound active dog resting “in bed” most of the day.  She’s done pretty well, though and hasn’t made things too hard for me.  Thanks, Rox.
  • We took Roxi back to the clinic for some bandage adjusting and came home with 3 more meds!  I’ll be including the details in a separate post updating ya’ll on her condition.

That's a lot of drugs for one dog!

  • I had another doctor’s appointment on Wednesday.  No changes in my cervix!  I’m not even one centimeter dilated…still.  With all the recent stress from our dog and with one of Dominic’s friends taking his life last week, I’m a little relieved for the first time that Mia is taking her sweet time.  The doctor estimated (by using the baby’s weight from weeks ago at the ultrasound, and from feeling my belly) that Mia weighs about 8lbs.  She also said that without actually weighing her, this estimate could be off by 15% making Mia’s weight between 7 and 9lbs.  If Mia does come late (again, due date according to the doc is April 22), my doctor said that she’ll wait until April 30th to induce me.  That means that in 10 days or less, we’ll be bringing our baby girl home.
  • One project I’ve completed while being at home is making a music mix to listen to during labor at the hospital.  Did any of you make a special playlist for your big day?  Did you actually listen to it or did it just add to the noise and stress of the room?  Any favorite songs that you recommend?
  • I finally sent in the request for a copy of our marriage license.  It should be here in a few days.  I was starting to get worried that maybe it won’t arrive in time for me to prove to the hospital that Dominic and I are married, allowing all our last names to be the same on Mia’s birth certificate.  But, I spoke with the woman who’s sending me my marriage license and she informed me that the birth certificate doesn’t at all reflect whether or not the parents are married.  She said they use the father’s full name and the mother’s full “maiden” name, and we’ll be able to give Mia her daddy’s last name if we choose.  If you have any knowledge on this, comment please :)
  • I’d like to give a “shout-out” to my mother.  She continues to go above and beyond her motherly, grandmotherly AND motherly-in-law duties by coming by our house and providing her help and her skills in cleaning and organizing.  She continues to do our laundry for us since we still don’t have a washing machine.  Speaking of this, she just called me today with some good news…a friend of a friend is donating their washing and drying machine to us and we’re picking them up tomorrow!  SO AWESOME!  Anyways, back to my momma.  She’s come by a few times this week and has vacuumed, done dishes, swept floors, hosed down our patio and patio chairs, brought over her carpet cleaner to clean out Roxi’s vomit (due to meds), organize Mia’s room and she donated a vacuum.  How do you repay someone who does all of this and more?  I’ll take suggestions because saying “thank you” a few times to her before she leaves our house just doesn’t seem like enough.  We love you and are so thankful for you, Mom!  xo
  • Today, Roxi had her check-up with the surgeon.  Like I said before, I’ll be writing a more detailed post on how she’s been doing, but she came home today with her giant bandage/cast thingy OFF!  Stitches are still in, but at least she’ll be more comfortable.  The downside is that without the bandage, we’ll have to keep an even closer eye on her and we’ll have to put the big cone/lampshade back on her head when we go to bed to make sure she doesn’t lick or nibble at her injury.  Hang in there, Roxi.
  • Now for ME.  Believe it or not, I’ve been feeling great.  Mia moves A LOT and we’re enjoying these last few days of watching her make waves in my belly.  I feel slight contractions every now and then…no pain, just tightening and pressure in my uterus.  I’ve also been feeling more “gas” like pains in my stomach, but without the gas.  I think I’ve read that that’s an indication of a baby, soon to be on the way.  My hands and feet are still sore and tight in the morning when I wake up.  I still have a very helpful and understanding husband who continues to make my pregnancy as comfortable and stress-free as he possibly can.  Thanks, love.  He told me a few days ago that he really loves me and Mia and is so happy to have us in his life…and every day that goes by, I continue to impress him and he loves me more and more.  Can you say, “Aaaaawwwwww”???  I don’t know how I’ve managed to pull that off or what I’ve done to deserve such a sweet and heartfelt compliment/sentiment…but I’ll take it and hold it in my heart.  I love you, too :)

Photo via www.babycenter.com

My phone’s BabyBump app says, “It’s officially your due date!  It’s not uncommon for this date to come and pass as approximately only 5% of women deliver on time.  Contact your practitioner if you have any concerns.  Not every woman delivers on or before her due date.  If you have not delivered in the  next 2 weeks you will be considered “post-term.”  Your medical practitioner may recommend a biophysical profile (BPP) to check on your baby’s movements and heart rate and ensure your placenta is functioning correctly.  Your practitioner will also check  your cervix and may recommend inducing labor.”

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