The 52 Project 2014: 10/52

the 52 project2“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014. My goal for the year: highlight her most recently acquired and/or favorite skill, activity, or milestone, in hopes to document her blossoming personality and mind as well as her physical appearance. ” See my series HERE. 10 week 2014 Girl’s first coloring book. I’ve given Mia crayons, highlighters and scratch papers to doodle on before. But for about a week now, she has a coloring book. It’s a Dora coloring book that we picked up from Target. Coloring in this new book is her most favorite activity, now. We prop it on top of this little toy box (she could really use a small toddler desk instead) in the living room and we store her crayons in a bag (recently been moved into a plastic container). Who am I kidding, the crayons are scattered across the floor 80% of the week. I guess dumping the box out, putting the crayons back in, dumping them out again, and repeating this process multiple times a day is just as fun as coloring with them. And this, is why half of them are broken in half. They don’t stand a chance against the weight of an almost 2 year old, stomping and dancing on top of them.

Introducing the coloring book to Mia has given us another opportunity to strengthen her color recognition with each day. I always verbally identify the color that I’m using or that she’s using. I say things like, “Dora’s hair is brown. Where’s the color brown?” and “Let’s color the leaves green. What else should be green? The grass is green, too.”

And in the short amount of time that Mia has been coloring with this book, her coloring skills have improved. At first, she’d grab a crayon at random and would basically scribble aimlessly all over the page. Of course, this still happens BUT…I’ve noticed that she chooses appropriate colors more often that match the item she’s coloring. And I can tell that she’s actually trying to color in the lines like Mommy and Daddy do. She’s not successful, but still, she’s focusing more on her hand movements and making more conscious decisions about how and what she’s coloring, strengthening her hand-eye coordination.

This book is just about full already. Daddy Dom and I have decided to keep this book permanently. I’m thinking (and this is merely an idea for now) that every year I’ll save one coloring book, take a few pages from them, scan them and turn them into an “art book” where I label each year and age so we can see just much her skills improve over the years. If you have other ideas on how to keep, save or display  your kid’s coloring, please share!

And just for fun, this is the portrait from last year’s week 10 in 2013. I do not remember this photo. I do, however, enjoy seeing how my photography skills have improved over the year. Though the photo below is taken with my phone (I think).

10 week 2013

 Like last year, each of my weekly posts will include the following list of my favorite few portraits from the week prior at Practising Simplicity’s linkup. You can check out the rest of the entries from week 9 here.

  • Little Red Vikings: I’m very drawn to real moments in the everyday life. The absence of color brings the focus of each to their simplicity and emotion.
  • Good Day Little Sunshine: I always love a photo of a smiling little lovely, held up high above by their smiling parent.
  • The Beetle Shack: Amazing sibling sandwich! How beautiful, soft, warm and fuzzy is this sweet embrace! Oh, so much love.
  • A Piece of Sweet Moment: The first photo! I mean, those eyes and that expression. My daughter loves helping in the kitchen, too.
  • Yellow Finch: The angles, the lighting, the different perspectives in each photo are so perfect. Simple, solitary moments captured so well.


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