The 52 Project 2014: 11/52

the 52 project2“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014. My goal for the year: highlight her most recently acquired and/or favorite skill, activity, or milestone, in hopes to document her blossoming personality and mind as well as her physical appearance. ” See my series HERE.


Mia: Girl, you’re getting so much easier to travel with.

This photo comes from our most successful trip to the LA Zoo to date. It was also the first time we didn’t even bother taking the stroller with us. You’ve been completely over the stroller for months, now. You last maybe 5 minutes in the thing before you start fussing and squirming, followed by standing. You say “out” and “walk” to let us know that this whole riding along thing isn’t going to happen. I can’t blame you, you’re an explorer. Oh, and speaking of things you don’t like to be restrained in, you hate high chairs at restaurants and will only sit in the booth or a regular chair. And, you don’t last for too long in the shopping cart at the grocery store. Anyways, back to the zoo… you did more than great on your own two legs, strolling alongside Mommy and Daddy through the trails.

You’re learning to “stay with the group” when we’re out in public places. You’re willing to hold hands with Mommy and/or Daddy a bit more. You still have your moments of trying to initiate a game of “chase” by taking off into the opposite direction that we’re heading. That’s a real hoot, right parents? Nothing I love more than trying to round up a 2 year old. I can’t even corner our own chickens in the backyard. I digress.

Because of your improved understanding of staying with Mommy and Daddy, this zoo trip was a complete success. No fuss, no tears, no stress, no worries. The focus was solely on the animals. Well, and on how amazingly adorable and smart and grown up you are, but that’s a given, right?

I’d also like to mention that this photo also captures your recent closeness with Daddy. You love him, of course. But you’ve always been a Mama’s girl and have gone in and out of Daddy phases. Well, Daddy was away for a few days on a business trip and ever since he returned, you’ve been very affectionate. He held you in his arms and/or carried you on his shoulders for a small chunk of this day, the parts where you needed a walking break. You usually reach for Mommy and whine when I’m not holding you. This day, you didn’t.

Okay now just for fun, this is the portrait from last year’s week 11 in 2013.

11 week 2013

Like last year, each of my weekly posts will include the following list of my favorite few portraits from the week prior at Practising Simplicity’s linkup. You can check out the rest of the entries from week 10 here.

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  • Fields of Sage: I’ve been following this mama’s pregnancy photos and loving her photography skills. He’s finally here, her sweet and handsome little boy and we can’t forget her beautiful girl, too.
  • The Stork and the Beanstalk: These 2 brothers just may be the coolest cats in the mama blogging world. Get a load of their sweet threads. And their mama has some definite talent. She’s one of my many photography inspirations.
  • Milk Please Mum: Everything about these photos says warmth, simplicity and fun. I love the lighting, angles and focus here.
  • Malt Memories: Mid air excitement and curls.

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  1. Aw, thanks for including me in your round up :) xo

  2. Such a sweet photo, daddy’s little girl…

  3. This is SUCH a great photo of the two. Kellie xx

  4. This is my favourite picture from your collection yet. I love everything about it — the colour, the symmetry, the focus. Absolutely lovely, Misty! Hope you guys are having a great weekend. xo

  5. Love this. Daddy/daughter pictures are the best, aren’t they? And last years picture is super cute too. I love the top down angle.

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