The 52 Project 2014: 12/52

the 52 project2“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014. My goal for the year: highlight her most recently acquired and/or favorite skill, activity, or milestone, in hopes to document her blossoming personality and mind as well as her physical appearance. ” See my series HERE.

12 week 2014

Mia: You’re an animal lover (when the animals are your size).

This photo is taken at our local farmer’s market that sets up every weekend. This was your second visit in their little “petting zoo”. As soon as the animals are in your sight, you light up and take off towards their enclosure, circling all around it trying to figure out how the heck to get in.

Once inside (after paying $2, which is totally worth it to see your smile), you don’t even know where to begin. You give each and every animal your Mia love, which consists of a few pats on the back and an air-kiss (you don’t actually make contact with your lips, you lean in their direction and make a kissy face and sound). You also give them a few tickles with your fingers. You’re so gentle with them, too. We’ve seen a few other kids chase the animals and harass them and cause a ruckus but you’re so good with them. Makes me proud.

What also makes Mommy and Daddy proud is that you can identify every animal in there. When you approach each one to pet it, you greet it with a “Hi, goat”, “Hi, bunny”, “Hi, sheep…piggy…bunny…duck…chicken.” I love going to the farmer’s market, just to watch you play with them. And, it’s your new favorite activity, too.

Okay now just for fun, this is the portrait from last year’s week 11 in 2013. It’s a complete coincidence that you’re wearing the very same top! I remember how you were swimming in it last year, it was so big. Now it’s just right. *side note: what was I thinking, applying that bokeh effect to the image?! I love seeing how my photography skills have improved in the last year. Yikes!*

12 week 2013

 Like last year, each of my weekly posts will include the following list of my favorite few portraits from the week prior at Practising Simplicity’s linkup. You can check out the rest of the entries from week 11 here.

  • Red Cat Inn– These two bookworms are the sweetest! I love to find my daughter nose deep in a book, too.
  • The Adored Journal– Oh that first photo. Doggy kisses are the best! And what amazing lighting to boot.
  • Two Cent Sparrow– Like father, like son. A few great captures of a very adorable moment over a bowl of soup.
  • Live, Love, Simple– Sweet Roman, glowing in the daylight. How handsome is he, right?
  • Sunny + Scout– The flying ballerina! Looks like fun.

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  1. so cute!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Looks like your daughter really enjoyed the visit at the farm.

    Adorable! :)

  3. She is just too precious! Absolutely adorable! I’m super bummed that I didn’t start participating in the 52 project at the beginning of the year!
    PS. I have a giveaway you might be interested in! I’m pretty sure your little girl would look adorable in the striped leggings I’ve teamed up to give away! You can’t have too many stripes can you?!

    • Hey Leigh! I totally missed your giveaway and would have entered had I not dropped the ball on this one. Sorry. Maybe next time. I am, however, browsing through your blog right now and I’m digging it! Thanks for stopping by mine and leaving your comment :)

  4. Aww I love her top so much! And how crazy you have a photo of her wearing a year earlier too! I can’t wait until it’s warm and I can take my daughter to petting zoos :)

    • Yeah Tina, I was pretty surprised to see her wearing the same top last year over the same week. And petting zoos are the best! Just remember to carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with you for afterwards ;)

  5. She is just too precious!! I am in love with that dress & her red shoes! <3 Thanks so much for the sweet words about Roman's picture, too. xx

  6. Oh wow! What a very lucky coincidence on the top!!! And it is SO CUTE!!!

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