The 52 Project 2014: 23/52

the 52 project2“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014. My goal for the year: highlight her most recently acquired and/or favorite skill, activity, or milestone, in hopes to document her blossoming personality and mind as well as her physical appearance. ” See my series HERE.

23 week 2014

Mia: In her brief “airplane awe.”

How trippy is this… this week’s portrait is almost the same as last year’s (unintentionally), on the very same week (see below portrait). This is the second time during this series where a similar coincidence happened (she was wearing the same outfit in week 12, seen here).

Mia still has an ear for airplanes and helicopters. Most kids probably do. As an adult, I can honestly say that over the years I’ve learned to block them out. If it weren’t for Mia’s quick responses to the slightest sound of them, I wouldn’t notice at all.

She pops up from whatever she’s doing, freezes for a moment while she listens further and then shouts, “THAT!” She says “that” whenever she hears a noise to notify me that something, somewhere, is going on. She either wants me to tell her what it is or she wants to go see what it is. In the case of airplanes or helicopters flying overhead, she follows up with a “airpane!” or “hecopter!” and if it’s out of sight she’ll tell me “I wun see!” (I want to see). These sightings are pretty regular since an airport isn’t too far away from us (but not close enough to be obnoxious or disturbing…whew!).

In this week’s portrait, it’s obvious that this particular airplane was in plain sight since she’s pointing to it. She was in the middle of playing with the dogs when it flew by. Last year, Daddy was holding her when she heard the plane fly by in our backyard.

Okay now just for fun, this is the portrait from last year’s week 23 in 2013.

23 week 2013

The following portraits are my favorite from last week‘s entries at Practising Simplicity’s linkup…(so hard to choose only a few this week)

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  1. Pretty crazy how similar those photos are! And that’s happened here before (wasn’t she wearing the same outfit or something before?). Her eyes are so pretty!

  2. Wow. She is stunning. I am sure when you look back, you will enjoy the weekly milestones. I like this idea.

  3. Hey, thanks for the mention for last weeks’ captures…who can resist a chocolatey face?! I love ‘what a difference a year makes’ posts and never stop marvelling at what a difference it does in the lives of our beautiful babes. Mia has the most beautiful blue eyes. S

    • Thanks, Sam! One of my most favorite moments in life is licking the batter off of the spoon and/or whisk. Thanks for the nice comment :)

  4. Thank you for the love! Your photographs are beautiful! Such a lovely little girl. I love the story about the planes and helicopters.

    • Thanks for the compliment, Lila. I’ve been meaning to comment on your blog as well…those breakfast crossiant sandwiches look SCRUMPTIOUS. You’ll be hearing from over there soon :)

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