The 52 Project 2014: 44/52

the 52 project2“A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014. My goal for the year: highlight her most recently acquired and/or favorite skill, activity, or milestone, in hopes to document her blossoming personality and mind as well as her physical appearance. ” See my series HERE.

DSC_0951 copy-2

*Note: I fell behind on the portrait project from last year and I’m playing catch-up. This portrait should have been posted in late October. 8 more portraits to go!*

Mia: She’s eagerly heading to her classroom at preschool on Halloween morning, wearing the costume I made for her. They had a little party and sang Halloween songs that they had been practicing for weeks for all of the parents in the yard. She’s a lily on a lily pad. In case you didn’t know, Daddy Dom has a pond business so we did a family theme this year relating to ponds. I was a koi and Dominic was the pond maintenance man (shameless advertising around town in his company shirt). I’ll be posting more about our costumes and on Halloween night later on.

Okay now just for fun, here is the portrait from last year’s week 44 in 2013 of Mia in her Daddy’s work boots.

44 week 2013

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  1. Wow I can’t believe you made that! Good job mama!

    • THANK YOU! I still need to post about our family theme with an actual shot of this bad boy from the front :) I admit, it was one of my easier costumes to make. Still thinking it needed something more…but don’t know what :)

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