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I’m participating, again, in Practising Simplicity’s “The 52 Project” for my 3rd year. What it is, in case ya don’t know, is a project that requires you to take a weekly portrait of something for an entire year (hence the “52”….amount of weeks in a year). The creator started the project by taking portraits of her children each week, but other blogging participants have customized it to their own liking by photographing their whole family each week, or only their husband, themselves or a pet. I love seeing the different variations and the amount of creativity that occasionally gets poured into this.

For me, this is a great way to continue practicing and strengthening my photography skills! If I don’t have something that holds me accountable to take photos throughout the week then chances are I won’t do it. I also have learned so much in regards to composition, lighting and subject matter from the other photographers who participate.

Another reason that I will continue with this project, the main reason actually, is for documentation purposes. I say this all the time (I’m a broken record at home), that I have memory problems. I truly think I have legit, fo real, serious memory problems. Most of my life is a blur and pictures have always been my main source for memories. I fear that my daughter’s life will also be a blur to me years from now, so pictures and photography are things I hold dear and take seriously.

This year, I don’t plan on doing anything all that different with my portraits. There will be one new feature in each one, and that’s a second portrait! I’m 27 weeks pregnant and starting now, I will be including a belly-bump portrait along with Mia’s. And I can’t wait to actually include this baby’s sweet face once he/she arrives! Another element I try to include in my weekly portraits is a glimpse into what’s new in our or Mia’s life each week. Instead of just taking a pretty picture of her face, I try to get a shot of her doing something. This way, when I look back on this project my photos will tell a story. They’ll bring back memories of places we went to, toys Mia loved, food she ate, friends we spent time with, pets we loved, activities we did and overall interests that we had.

So with all of that being said, here are the year’s first portraits of my 2 children:

DSC_0582-2Mia (age 2.75): We made our first trip of the year to the Long Beach Aquarium over the weekend (we’re members). Mia stood in front of a shark tank and watched, wide-eyed, as the big sharks swam by the window. With each passing of one, she’d squeal, turn around to face us and would flash a huge and excited smile before quickly turning back to the tank for another look. I took so many photos of this to capture that look, and all but one were blurry or her eyes were closed. That right there, is the one. That right there is also the expression that I live for, but that’s a whole other post.


Baby (27 weeks): Just yesterday, I posted a pregnancy update (with photo) about how mom and baby are doing. You can read all about it HERE. Because of that, there’s not much more for me to say now. At this moment, I can feel him/her moving around and can actually see the surface of my belly twitch, swell and pulse. It’s such a bizarre and magical feeling, the movement of a living being inside of you. I’m at peace with each little wiggle session that this kid often has. He/she is very active and it warms my heart to experience these sensations. With all the activity of each day, it’s easy to sometimes forget that you’re carrying your child. Each little kick, roll and hiccup is a very calming and welcomed reminder that I’m the mother of another and to pay more attention to and be more thoughtful of this sweet little soul.

*The 52 Project: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015*

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