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Mia: So I tried to take the below photo of myself while Mia was awake and enjoying some cartoons on the couch. I had almost wrapped up my little session when she came wandering over to see what I was doing. At first, she was a little bothered that I was using her rug that belongs in her room. Then, she asked me to put her “Elsa Anna Dress” on her. (Side note: Speaking of Elsa and Anna, Mia never really fell hard for the movie Frozen like the rest of the world did. I always ask her if she wants to watch it and she never does. But she loves the songs from the movie which are on my phone. And any time she sees a pretty dress or braided hair, she refers to it as “Elsa Anna.”) I got the dress out of her closet, put it on her, and she walked over to the rug on the floor under my tripod and laid herself down. She wanted a portrait wearing a dress, too! Just like Mama. I was pleasantly surprised and of course, I took photos. And of course, hers look way better than mine. I love how much she loves me and wants to do the same things that I do. “Me too!” is a phrase we hear around here, often :)

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Baby: I just have to say…it makes me crazy how fuzzy this photo is (I had to use a remote and a tripod…couldn’t manually focus) but it is what it is. Maybe by the time the baby comes, I’ll be a pro at self portraits. Anyways, moving along.  Have I mentioned how comfortable I am with my pregnant appearance? Well, I am. Pre-pregnancy, my belly was soft and too flabby for my liking. It never looked right in fitted shirts so I wore them looser. My current belly is firm, tight and smooth. Yes, it’s big but it’s supposed to look like that! That’s the best part. I’ve been wearing shirts around the house that haven’t seen the light of day in a year or more. This baby totally looks good with all of my clothes. He/she brings out my fertility…and my breasts ;)

I’m so much more forgiving of this new body. It’s accepting the post-baby body that will take some work. In the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy being round and plump.


 *The 52 Project: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015*

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  1. I miss being pregnant after reading this haha. My daughter likes Frozen but she’s just as into other things as much.

  2. Oh my this is such a sweet and lovely project. You and your daughter will remember these pictures with such fondness. I hope I can also be comfortable with my body when I get pregnant again!

    little luxury list formerly Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  3. both of you look absolutely gorgeous. i adore the dress that you are wearing, especially the color. i am so much more comfortable with my baby body this time around, too. in fact, i’ve had a post on the topic brewing in my head!! <3

    • Thanks, Dena. I found this dress on another blogger’s site when she was pregnant and ordered it (from ASOS). The thing is, it’s too loose! When it first arrived (I was barely pregnant) I assumed I would eventually fill it out just fine as my belly grew. But it still doesn’t fit nicely like it did on the other blogger. So I’ve only worn it for this photo :( And definitely post about the baby body! I could definitely write a lengthy post about that, too…not sure that I will, though. Just not feeling very articulate lately. Baby brain maybe?

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