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Mia: “I love you, shish (fish) tank.” She loves everything, these days. From her toys, waffles, cashews, the dogs, her books, my baby bump, my hair, her baths, her school, her “Mama” and “Daddy-O”…she loves it all and expresses her love on the daily. If I ever say, “I love ___”, she always follows up with “Me too!” (no matter what the item). She’s such a little affectionate being, it’s the sweetest thing to be around. She tells me all day, everyday, that she loves me (same with Dad). She tells me she misses me. She told me the other day that I’m her best friend. She tells me that I’m “the best” and that I’m “so sweet”. She sometimes refers to me as “Sunny” (Honey). She asks me to cuddle and snuggle her on the couch and gives me a “big squeeze” along with kisses on the regular. On occasion, she throws in “Es-mo” (Eskimo) kisses to mix things up. I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying and savoring this phase because I know it won’t last forever. In fact, I had worried during her first two years that she wouldn’t be this way since she wouldn’t last more than 10 seconds on my lap, or more than 2 seconds in an embrace. She just wasn’t the snugglin’ type. This current kid of mine is such the opposite and such a little lover. This is one of my most favorite qualities about her.


Baby: I’m definitely more connected with the baby in this pregnancy than I was with Mia. I’ve noticed that when the baby moves, I stop what I’m doing (more often than not) to observe the rolling surface of my belly. I find myself caressing and holding my belly often, especially as I lay in bed at night to fall asleep. I have little chats with the baby, too. I think that because I’ve been “Mom” for almost three years now, it just feels so natural to be more nurturing to the baby, even though he/she is still in my belly. With Mia, being a mom was unknown territory. I didn’t know what felt “right” or “normal” as far as being pregnant was concerned and I could have never even guessed, in my wildest dreams, the kind of love I would (or could) feel for that baby inside of me. My feelings for Mia now, are immeasurable and immense. Because of her, it’s like I have this sneak peek of what’s in store for me with child #2. I’ve heard numerous times (and kinda agree from personal experience) that the first born usually has it a little tougher than their younger siblings. They’re the “guinea pig”, after all, for two people who have no clue what they’re doing and have to learn as they go. I guess in this case, so far, this rings true. Baby has stolen my heart a heck of a lot sooner than Mia did. Sorry, Mia…that’s just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. But don’t worry, you’ll get to be the first one to drive and you won’t be the one getting all of the hand-me-downs (and that includes the car!). We’ll make up for that somehow, girlfriend.

 *The 52 Project: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015*

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  1. Lyla always tells me that everything is her favorite. Everything she likes she yelled “THAT IS MY FAVORITE!” I try and explain that a favorite is supposed to be the most special but she just is entirely too excited about how much she likes things to care haha. I love your shirt! ALSO, I’m debating on buying some fish for Lyla!

    • That’s awesome! I haven’t bothered trying to explain to Mia what “favorite” means…I just laugh and go with it. And the fish are totally my husband’s department. I’d probably end up killing them all if I were in charge of caring for them. But Mia loves them!

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