8 weeks pregnant {Raspberry}


There’s our little Tater-Tot…currently looking like a small blob. We had our first doctor’s appointment 3 days ago on Tuesday. It was my first time meeting my new OB-GYN and I love her! Not only was that a relief, but so was finding out that the baby is doing just fine so far. Everything is as it should be. My mom AND boyfriend were in the room to witness the first viewing of the heart beat and to hear for the first time, the heart beat. What a special moment. So the black sausage-like shape is some sort of fluid in my uterus (i think!!), and the little white blob in the lower middle of it is the baby…about an inch in length. The black area on the upper right of the sonogram is my FULL bladder! I had to potty so badly…bad idea. Finally seeing the Tater-Tot was so surreal…I still can’t believe I’m growing a life inside me.
Well, the next day I announced the news to my boss…which then spread like wildfire throughout the school. Did I mention I’m an art teacher at a private school? Yup, I teach 4 year old kids to 2nd graders. Anyways, I received a ton of “Congratulations” and a few hugs. It was pretty cool.
Dominic, my boyfriend, also broke the news to his mom on the phone (she lives in Kansas). He was worried about her reaction, but was pleasantly surprised when she said she was happy for him and us. It’s so cute, she’s been sending him texts (or emails…not sure) with ideas for baby names…and he sends them to me. I’ve never met his mom, and it looks as if the first time we’ll meet is when the baby comes and she’s a grandmother!
Speaking of grandmother…my mom is from Mexico and “abuelita” means grandma in Spanish. We’ve decided that she’ll be called “Lita” for short, since it’s easier to say. My mom’s been so great by mothering ME, making sure I’m OK and doing everything I should be….she’s really coming around.Today I’m 8 weeks pregnant. One of my baby apps says that:

The baby is the size of a raspberry and the baby’s head is proportionally larger than the rest of the body and the ears and eyelids are developing. Fingers and toes are developing from the arm and leg buds which now have distinguished wrists and elbows that can even flex. At this stage, the baby’s heart rate is around 150 beats per minute. …As your baby grows, your uterus is also expanding. By now your uterus is almost the size of a grapefruit which is why it’s common to feel abdominal cramping or even a tightening or contraction-like pain.

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