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DSC_1009Mia: Her “purple bike” was handed down to us by a friend months ago. Daddy Dom and I tried introducing it to her countless times. We’d mention the bike to her almost every time we went into the backyard to play and she would turn it down each time. She really did have zero interest in the thing, wouldn’t even touch it. Now, I’d say for the past few weeks, she doesn’t want to get off of it. Every single day, at all times of the day, she asks if she can go outside to ride her “purple bike.”

I think this has much to do with her being in preschool. They have push cars and similar bikes that the kids get to ride during playtime outside and Mia’s been watching them for months now. I think that seeing the other kids, kids her age, ride around on bikes gave her enough courage to try it, too. Her particular bike is a balance bike with no petals. She sits on it and uses her feet to kick and push off of the ground to get the momentum going. She’s at the point now where she’ll pick her feet up and glide as long as the bike will let her before she needs to push some more. And, she’s stinkin’ fast. She falls down a few times here and there, but she always gets back on and tries again. Her self-confidence in her riding skills has skyrocketed in such a quick amount of time, it’s so rewarding to watch it grow each day. Makes a parent proud, that’s for sure.

DSC_1666-Edit(These adorable hand crocheted baby booties: c/o Simply Crafting Away. Full review to come, once baby arrives!)

Baby: I mentioned in my 33 week bump update that we have finally come up with names for the baby, whether it’s a boy or a girl. I’m not sharing those names with ya’ll until the baby is here, but something I will share is my vision (currently, at least) for the baby’s nursery theme/color scheme.

If baby is a girl, I’m thinking of going with a specific color scheme, rather than a theme. I’m so in love with the combination of peach, blush, soft coral, rose gold, gold and even hints of black. These links show exactly that joining of colors so perfectly: ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR. If the baby is a boy, I think the perfect theme for his room will be a reflection of Daddy Dom’s most favorite passion: the outdoors. I haven’t completely settled on a specific color combo yet (there are ideas for sure), but I do know some basic elements and vibes that will be included: wilderness, camping, the outdoors, fishing and earth tones with some pop of color (possibly kelly green?). These links have definitely inspired my vision for the nursery: ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR. Without knowing the sex of the baby, it’s hard to daydream about who this little person is. Imagining these two possible nursery themes helps me feel a bit more connected to the baby by giving him/her a bit of an identity, if that makes any sense at all. And well, it’s also just fun to daydream about decorating any room, really.

*The 52 Project: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015*

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  1. we had one of those bikes for our daughter, the have been very popular here in Germany for many years. She loved it and it was the best way for her to learn how to ride a bike without ever needing training wheels on her first “real” bike!
    Love that pic of here! So cute! Just as cute as your sweet bump!

  2. Look at those teeny tiny booties! Lyla has a tricycle and this past summer could ALMOST ride it. I’m hoping that this summer of being 4 years old means she will be able to because soon after it’s time for a bikes with training wheels right? Haha. Is that your pool?!? Is looks amazing!

    • The booties are seriously cute. I want to carry them with me everywhere. Maybe hang them from my rear view mirror in the car? I kid. And yes, that’s our pool. It’s crazy cold right now. Mia is always asking when she can go swimming :)

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