9 weeks pregnant {Green Olive}

Oh how I despise the number 9. This 1st trimester is kicking my booty. I’m 9 weeks pregnant and I’m exhausted all of the time, I want to take naps (which is a new concept for me), food mostly disgusts me and I’m always out of breath. Whoever said that being pregnant is great…is a liar ;) It definitely could be worse, I’ve heard some bad “horror stories” in comparison to my complaints so I’ll count my blessings and carry on.
Besides that, there are no updates to tell about mine and the Tater-Tot’s progress. My boyfriend has been awesome and super understanding, helpful and loving (so far!…I bet I can get him to crack soon enough). He even picks me up lunch and delivers it to me at work if and when I come across a craving.
My BabyBump phone app tells me that:
The baby is about the size of a green olive. This week the embryonic tail disappears. The hands and feet look a lot less like paddles and have more formed fingers and toes. Your baby’s head is still larger than the rest of the body and the eyes are fully developed, but are covered by the eyelids which are fused shut for the next 16 weeks or so. Inside your baby’s body the internal reproductive organs, testes or ovaries, are starting to form but will not be quite distinguishable until the next couple of weeks.
Here’s an image of what my baby may look like this week…
Image comes from www.babycenter.com

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