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*Note: this post is about 2 weeks late. I can never be current with this dang project!*

Mia (& Co.): Weather has been swell the last few days here in SoCal and it’s only getting warmer over the weekend (in the 80s). I’ve been spending many late afternoons/evenings in the backyard with these hooligans. Mia rides laps around our pool (shown in last week’s portrait) and she plays “keep away” with the dogs’ tennis ball. After teasing them for awhile, she’ll toss it to them. They always bring it right back to her and are finally obeying her command of “drop!” They used to only obey Dominic and I, but I think Mia has finally become clear enough for them to understand. Rancho (left) and Mia could entertain each other for hours since he’s a young dog (Mia’s age actually, only a few months older than her at 3) and Roxi only goofs off with her for so long before her 11 year old self needs to chill.

Mia’s nicknames for Rancho are “Ranchito” (Ran-chee-toe), “Rancho Pants” and “Ranch”. Her nicknames for Roxi (right) are “Rox” and “Roxi Roo”.

Oh and btw, the secret to getting the canines to look right at the camera? Hold their favorite tennis ball in your hand, right above the camera lens. This trick does not apply to toddlers.



With about 4 1/2 weeks left until our due date, I’ve been itching for some baby related crafts. I found a tutorial online to make a baby swaddle sack and gave it a go. It was easy enough, but there are definitely some flaws that need fixing with the next one I make. I’d love to perfect it and actually sell them on my Etsy shop. But this first one, is good enough for us and for baby. The next baby item I made was this bandana style bib. I’ve always thought these were cute and wanted to make one and finally I did. I’ve already made a handful of them and added just a few to my Etsy shop. I’m excited to put this one on baby and actually test it out for myself.

With these new labors of love, I’ve noticed how more connected I feel with this baby. It gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling to be creating something from my own two hands and from my heart, for this child of mine that I have yet to meet. I look forward to discovering more projects that I can attempt and complete for the baby. I think I’ll be making a simple quilt, next.


 *The 52 Project: A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015*

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  1. How adorable you’re making your baby little swaddlers! I can imagine how great it must feel to be creating things for your little newborn :) Being brought into the world with so much love! I find it completely adorable that Mia gives the dogs nicknames, that is so creative and intelligent for a toddler!

    • Yeah, I just hope the swaddle fits okay. Never tried it on an actual baby, yet :) And Mia does come up with some of her own, some are things she’s heard us say but she’s definitely got a mind of her own. Blows me away, always.

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