A Belated Merry Christmas! 2015

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Ugh, it’s driving me a little crazy how behind I am with blogging. I have a lot to document and catch up on, and I’m pretty certain I’m forgetting so much already. Can you guess what one of my New Year resolutions is for 2016? And yep, I’m like 1 out of 100 people who still make resolutions….and fail to keep them but that’s besides the point. Anyways….

This year, there are 4 of us who are hoping your Christmas was thoroughly enjoyed by all and we hope you get to celebrate the ringing in of the new year. As for us, we’ve got zero plans to actually go anywhere this year since we’ve got an 8 month old and 3.75 year old who don’t stay up until midnight so they’re a major buzzkill….but…..you better believe I’ll be enjoying some champagne after their bedtime along with something sweet and fattening. Maybe actually finding our first, official babysitter should be something on 2016’s resolution list. My, that would be swell. The evenings/nights out possibilities are endless and I’m honestly getting a little overly excited just thinking about them.

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Our Christmas went by in a flash. I’m impressed with myself for getting almost everything done in a timely manner. The girls’ gifts were purchased and wrapped without me having to pull any all-nighters or even having to face crazy crowds at the stores. I baked only enough cookies for us and Santa this year rather than my old tradition of baking dozens for friends and delivering them. I think that tradition is just on hold, though, until the girls are a little older and are better at helping and delivering. And I didn’t stress out over planning and slaving over a special Christmas dinner. Hosting Thanksgiving was enough for me, so I just simply made some homemade pancakes on Christmas morning. Also, we didn’t host people at our house at all which was a first. It was just us 4 (well, and my brother who came by to deliver Mia’s gifts) and it was so nice not having to also get the house clean and presentable on top of everything else I had to do with my one-woman-show. I’m telling you, things were mellow! I was actually able to just relax, take my time and enjoy the holiday and my family. Success!

The only downside was that I was sick! Like, pretty miserable sick. I was coughing like crazy, stuffed up, blowing my nose every 10 minutes, sneezing, feeling super sinus congestion and head pressure. Yet, I still had to carry on like usual. That’s the hardest part about being sick as a mom. That and having the other adult in the house, Dominic, down for the count too. He was also sick, but not as bad as me. Luckily, the girls were cool but Margo did become super snotty a few days later.

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This was the first year that Mia (3.75 years old) comprehended all of the ins and outs of the holiday. I think anticipating the moment when she saw that Santa had paid her a visit was so much more exciting for me than when I was a child, anticipating Santa. Oh, the joys of motherhood and experiencing the magic of everything through a child’s eyes. And a magical Christmas it was (*patting myself on the back*).

By the way, Mia totally made out like a bandit with how many gifts she received. I remember thinking how maybe I didn’t get her enough gifts, but then while in the garage wrapping, I came across a giant bag that I had forgotten about which was full of toys and clothes that my mom had bought for her and saved there for me to wrap. In the end, Mia definitely ended up getting more toys than one child should get. I just hope she doesn’t remember the amount because you know she’ll be expecting the same or more next year. Not gonna happen.

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Our biggest gift to her this year was the Leap Frog Leap Pad Tablet Platinum with a few games. She’s been asking for a computer like Mommy’s and Daddy’s for months now, and we decided that this particular “computer” is completely designed for educational games and learning, so we went with it. And of course, she loves it. I was also excited about giving her a ton of books that I bought at a consignment sale for only $1-$2 each and a CD player from that same sale. She loves reading and music and is one happy, well read, dancing little girl.

Margo will be a little over 1 1/2 next Christmas, and we need to start saving our money NOW for gifts for two girls. I’ll definitely be combining both of their names on gift tags to save me a little money. Sharing is caring, kids.


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A few other activities to note here that we did this year was I created our first advent calendar of activities that we did each day with Mia. I’ll blog about that separately. And Dad helped Mia sprinkle “reindeer food” on our driveway on Christmas Eve and again, he sneaked over to a nearby friend’s ranch to scoop up some horse poop to scatter on our driveway as “reindeer poop” for Mia to discover the next morning.


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All photos here are from a photo session we did ourselves, also using a tri-pod when needed, and taken in the mountains about 35 minutes from our house. Heading back up there for some day-usage is also on our family list of New Year resolutions. Hopefully I’ll get around to posting about all of those as well.

Happy New Year everyone!!!! Here’s to accidentally writing “2015” on everything for another few months! ;)

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